๐Ÿ“ง Best Email Signature To Use With Job Applications

Make the most of your frequently seen personal branding space: Sign your email.

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You have your job search email address, but do you have an email signature that attracts attention?

Create one quickly with this email signature template:

Required elements are in boldThe rest are recommended if necessary:


There (Nicknames)
Tag line
Membership in the Association
phone numbers)
Website / social media profiles

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salutation “Using your email just to say goodbye is a wasted opportunity. Either use a phrase that is relevant to your personal brand or wish the person something positive. The best result is a combination of both that does not sound too cheesy. In my email signature, I usually say” For the success of your job search. “

There – Your full name.

Nicknames – More and more common in corporate North America, noted the Nicknames you go by. For me it will be (he / he / he).

๐Ÿ“ง Email signature

Your tag line Personal branding labeling

Organization – The organization you most associate yourself with, usually your employer, a trade union you stand out for or your company.

Membership in the association – Any professional or branch association that you are a member of, deserves special mention to the people who are expected to recognize it.

Telephone numbers (mobile / land / fax) – Just put the number you want them to reach you; Some people include both landline and cell phone / cell phone numbers, but this is exaggerated. If you have a compelling reason to include more than one number, put each in its own row with a label to indicate who it is, such as “Phone: 555-1234” and “Cell: 555-5678”. If most of the people who contact you are on Skype and you prefer it, use the Skype callto syntax: so that the call to you will be just one click away.

Funny email signature

Website / social media profiles – Use the one URL (at least) that most builds your personal brand and is likely to chart viewers. This may be your blog, membership profile in your organization or association (see above), a social media resume or one of your social media profiles. At the very least, list your URL on LinkedIn.

If you are not sure which URLs to use, list 2 or 3 but use a URL shortener such as bit.ly That allows you to customize the shortened URL while counting clicks so you can measure which URL people clicked on more. Check the click statistics after a month of use and then decide which URLs to leave in your signature. Like on LinkedIn, use Facebook URL If you decide to include your Facebook profile in your email signature.

Important: Include ‘https: //’ in each URL in your email signature so that the recipient’s email software will automatically make the URLs clickable.

Image – Of all the items in this list, an image is the most dangerous thing to include in your email signature because it will increase the download size of every email you send (and many of the replies you receive) and will often be emailed software as a potential security issue, which increases Chances are your email will not even be seen by the recipient.

However, if you are willing to take the risk, it will be because you have a memorable image to show, an image relevant to the brand that best represents you, such as your personal logo, an image of your latest book or another product if you have one, or even Your avatar.

๐Ÿ“ง Email signature

How to add email signatures in Gmail

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