10 Escapist Reads to Cuddle Up With

With the stressful holiday season approaching, many of us are looking for an escape from reality. What better way to do this than to get lost in a new book? Here you will find a list of 10 books that are sure to give you exactly the refuge you need. You need this pile of escapist cries as soon as possible!

History of wild places By Shea Arneshu

Travis Ren has an extraordinary talent – he can locate a missing person with only one object. When he takes on the case of Maggie St. James, he is led to a place that many did not believe existed. Pastoral is a community of people looking for a simpler way of life – and the commune should no longer exist. When Travis came across the city, he disappeared just like the others. Years later, Theo, a friend of Pastoral’s finds Travis’ abandoned truck. The discovery of this mystery reveals secrets between Theo, his wife and sister and proves that their small and perfect town is not everything they thought it was.

London House By Catherine Ray

Caroline Payne’s world is turned upside down when she receives a phone call from a longtime friend and historian informing her that her British aunt has betrayed the country and her family in order to marry her German lover in World War II. Caroline feels she must get down to business and save her family’s reputation. She goes to their ancestral home in London, where she reveals some revealing diaries written by her aunt and grandmother. Was Caroline’s great aunt really cheating or was it a misunderstanding? The truth is revealed when Caroline reads about one fateful night in 1941.

All her little secrets By Wanda M. Morris

Alice Littlejon seems to have it all, but everything changes when she finds her boss shot to death in the executive suite one cold morning. Alice’s reaction is to walk away as if she’s never seen anything. Why? Because she keeps her secrets and has a child brother who spent time on the other side of the law. She does not want further attention. Instead of mourning, everyone gossips, and the police suspect. Alice, the company’s sole black lawyer, is promoted to replace her boss. Alice’s past and present collide as she reveals the dark secrets of society and faces a vicious conspiracy stop.

Christmas in Pitcairn Bluff By Christy Woodson Harvey

Ansley is immensely proud to be a trusted mother. When her daughter, Caroline, and her husband announce their divorce, their daughter, Vivi, begins to play out. Ansley offers to take Vivi under her wing for the holiday season. Ansley and her husband, Jack, planned to take Vivi with them on vacation to escape an incoming hurricane. It’s not going as planned. Vivi’s antics force the trio to stay in the Pitchery Bluff. When the hurricane hits, Ansley’s daughters take it upon themselves to save the trio and the ruined town. They sail on Caroline’s boat and have no idea why they’re getting in.

My famous mind By Diane Wald

Jack had a matter of mental connections and a wonderful memory, which allowed him to memorize books. Unlike others, his gift never gave him a free ticket to fame or fortune in life – he just went through life like everyone else. Jack died in 1974, and now he is telling his story beyond the grave. Jack’s propensity for mental connections now gives him a new and extraordinary perspective on his past life and makes him intensely curious about his current existence. Jack discusses stories from his childhood and dives deep into his life experiences including research he has conducted on intellectually gifted and his past relationships. Through it all, Jack is brought to another level of brilliance.

White smoke By Tiffany D. Jackson

The phantoms of Marigold’s old life haunt her, and she always seems to run away from ghosts. Moving from her small coastal town in California to the cumbersome town of Cedarville in the Midwest may be just what she needs for a fresh start. Marie is forced to share a bedroom with her 10-year-old step-sister, Piper. The house has its own secrets, but this is just the beginning. Things disappear, the lights come on and doors open by themselves, shadows pass over rooms, sounds are heard in the walls and there is a bad smell in the house that only Marie notices. Piper goes on to talk about a friend who wants Marie to disappear, and Marie soon realizes that the whole city has secrets, not just a home.

Riley left many memories at the military base at Twentynine Palms but has not returned since her father died. When her mother’s new job assignment sends them back to Twentynine Palms, Riley is in a place she never wanted to go back to. Her old girlfriend Lily seems to have disappeared – disappeared into the desert, and there is gossip around town about a mysterious killer being released. However, not only is the town scary, Riley has visions of monstrous creatures lurking at night. It all seems to be related to the cabin her grandfather left behind. Riley wants the truth, but she does not know what is real. The deadliest thing in town can be Riley herself.

Such a day By Kelly McNeil

Annie Byers has everything she’s ever dreamed of. When Annie suddenly wakes up once in the hospital after a devastating car accident, her life is completely turned upside down. She wakes up stunned and confused and her first instinct is to ask for her daughter, Hannah. Annie is completely shocked when she hears the nurse and then everyone around her tells her that she has never given birth to a daughter. However, this is not the only thing that seems to have changed. It seems like five full years of Annie’s life are gone.

Couples are needed By Brianna Cole

Bridget and Roman are newlyweds and want to make sure they do their best to make their relationship feel new and exciting. They hit right when they meet another couple, Corinne and Patrick. They make the extraordinary decision to switch partners just for one exciting night. After that, Bridget and Roman feel closer than ever. The couple thinks this is just going to be a harmless shot – until Corinne and Patrick start wanting more from Bridget and Roman than they ever wanted to agree. They are pushed to the edge and forced to reveal the true intentions of Corinne and Patrick, otherwise they will have nothing left.

The last rose of Shanghai By Vienna Dai Randall

Ai Shao is a young heiress and owner of a glamorous nightclub in Shanghai in 1940. Ernest Reisman is a poor Jewish refugee, sent from Germany and looking to reach a new city.

Aiyi hires Ernest to play the piano at her nightclub and gains instant popularity, giving Ernest fame and making Aiyi’s nightclub the hottest in Shanghai. The couple soon realize they are sharing a relationship, but Aye is engaged to another man. As the war escalated, they were torn to pieces but a chain of events would soon change their lives forever.


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