3 Alternative Experiential Learning Resources for Government, Public Administration, Law, and Nonprofit Students

When they go to college, many students hope to gain practical experience in their field. One way to achieve this goal is by taking part in experiential learning, which consists of internships, collaborations, research, clinical jobs, part-time jobs and more. Many students are unfamiliar with the term experiential learning but can learn more about it on the Career Development Center website and at UConn’s Research opportunities. Here are some examples of alternative experiential learning experiences specifically for government, public administration, law and a non-profit community.

A plan for future women in government

Undergraduate and graduate students interested in pursuing a career in government and politics can experience hands-on learning through the upcoming Women in Government program. This program will teach students about programming, professional development, women leadership, and they will have the opportunity to interview a legislator.

For more information on the Future Women in Government Program, click Here.

Volunteer Opportunities of the U.S. Department of Justice

For students interested in law, the United States Department of Justice voluntarily hosts various legal specialties. While the experience is free, a few hours of volunteer credit can be made. These volunteering opportunities also provide students to work in a valuable learning environment to accelerate their career development.

For more information on U.S. Department of Justice volunteer opportunities, click here Here.

Young Professionals in Development Network (YPN)

The International Development Company is a networking opportunity for young professionals to build partnerships with colleagues around the world. Fellows can empower each other by facilitating this program and take part in exciting discussions and discussions on today’s relevant topics. This program also includes workshops for building skills and development tools.

For more information on the Young Professional Development Network (YPN), click here Here.

To explore additional alternative experiential learning experiences, schedule an appointment with the Career Development Center’s Career Coach Handshake!

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