3 Lesser-Known Signs Of Job Burnout

When you hear about burnout at work, you are probably thinking about the common signs and symptoms. You may have even experienced them once or twice before. But are you familiar with the lesser-known signs of burnout at work? Without your knowledge, are you experiencing burnout at work now?

Here are three lesser known signs that you have burnout at work.

2. You can not imagine the future of your career


The second least known sign of burnout at work is that you can not imagine the future of your career. Maybe you can not even imagine new jobs, new careers or anything you would be interested in doing. You have lost all excitement from any kind of work ahead. Someone who is not burnt out will have career goals and at least a basic idea of ​​how he sees his career progressing.

3. You practice escapism

A woman feels burned out in her career


The last least known sign of burnout at work is that you are practicing escapism. Maybe you’re over-watching TV shows, eating too much or procrastinating. Basically, you do everything you can to distract yourself in your mind because you do not want to face the reality that you are very unhappy in your career.

If one of these signs pops up in your life, you’re probably experiencing burnout at work. The good news is I can help.

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