3 Overused Strengths that Will Limit Your Leadership

o You work hard to set a positive example for your team. You care about success, and you want your people to succeed. You have clarified what is most important and you are committed to responsibility. You are tuned about your culture. But somehow, your leadership presence does not work. You do not have the connection or impact you hope for. Committed, caring and hardworking leaders often find that one or more of the three overused strengths interferes with their impact.

If one of these issues sounds familiar, you can easily overcome them with a few simple solutions you will get in this chapter.

Overuse of strengths that limit your leadership

1:00 – When your leadership presence is not working, you do not have the connection or influence you hope for.

1:27 – The first overuse force that can limit your leadership is tunnel vision. Focusing is helpful, but stay focused and you will miss out on relationships, perspective, and critical work elements.

2:20 – The drug for tunnel vision.

3:00 – The second of the excessive forces that can become a problem is an emotional thesis. This is the unproductive drama, negativity, frustration and stress you can put on your team unintentionally. Intensity is strength, but one that we must manage.

4:52 – The drug against emotional thesis.

6:47 – The third force that overuse should be aware of is toxic positivity. Optimism is at the heart of leadership – the belief that together we can have a better tomorrow. But toxic positivity takes this optimism too far and insists on positivity and excludes the range of other emotions like grief, frustration or necrosis.

7:50 – Toxic positive drugs.

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