3 Things for Small Businesses to Consider About Being a Defense Contractor

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As one of the largest recruiting entities in the world, the United States government provides many small businesses with lucrative job opportunities. Working with the Department of Defense (DOD) can be especially beneficial. There are many strict rules and significant supervision as well. If you are a small business that is considering calling the United States DOD, you need to think about the following.

Cyber ​​security

The DOD is all about security. In today’s technologically advanced world, a particular type of security, known as cyber security, is a central concern of the federal government. Cyber ​​security is about protecting digital devices, information and networks. If you want to work with the DOD, you must have enough digital security measures and programs in place. Working with the government means that your business will likely have access to important and sensitive information that the government expects you to maintain confidentiality and reasonably secure.

Working with the Ministry of Defense can be especially beneficial. There are many rules and significant supervision as well. If you are a small business that is considering calling the United States DOD, you need to think about the following.Click to tweet

By October 2025, the DOD plans to instruct all businesses to prove themselves and their digital security systems through the approval of the matriculation model of cyber security or CMMC Compatibility program. This certification will require businesses to undergo assessments instead of simply attesting to their capabilities.


Another consideration is the nature of your contract with the DOD. There are many different types of business arrangements available for working with this government agency. Smaller businesses may enjoy district benefits set aside specifically for them. These special contracts help control competition and allow these small entities to compete with larger ones and engage in government jobs. Many of these contracts are also specific Designed to help small businesses in social or economic distress, Such as veteran-owned, women-run, or unused historical entities (HUBZone). You also need to think about whether you want to be connected directly to the DOD. It may be advantageous or possible for you to perform a subcontract for another entity, than to call for a DOD yourself. Which route you choose will determine how strict they are and what exactly regulations you need to follow.

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Provided that you adhere to the strict rules and processes that the DOD requires and that you have been able to obtain an initial contract, Working for DOD can be long-term, permanent and profitable. Getting started at first takes time and often requires careful investigation, so you need to be well prepared ahead of time. Although it is not always easy to start as a security contractor, once you do, it can be quite rewarding. The government is known for having projects that last several decades that are constantly evolving and providing ongoing work. The work also usually pays off because the government and the military want the highest quality work the first time and each time, so they can and are willing to pay more to get it. Once you have landed a contract, you can expect to be paid when and how you agree, as the government has to follow strict business management guidelines. Many DOD initiatives are also creating and growing for additional future opportunities that you may be able to take advantage of. In general, after proving yourself in one project, the DOD will try to keep working with you because they know you’ve been successful and good in the past.

Becoming a security contractor can be helpful for several reasons, but it can also be a difficult position to purchase and maintain. Good pay, healthy business relationships and special opportunities make the defense engagement a tempting idea if you can meet the cyber security requirements and put a foot in the door at first. Keep these factors in mind if you are a small business considering joining DOD.


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