5 Skills You Must Have to Become a Delivery Driver for Amazon

On-demand driver jobs are becoming more and more popular, and now that Amazon has launched its Amazon Flex courier service, more people can work flexible hours in moving packages from one destination to another.

As an Amazon Flex delivery driver, you will use your own vehicle. Before you decide that the job is a job you want to pursue, you need to make sure you have what it takes to become an Amazon delivery driver.

So here are five skills you will need:

1. Excellent driving skills and responsible attitude

There are several different types of Amazon Flexible Shipping Driver Jobs, including deliveries for Prime Now and Amazon Logistics.

Delivery of Amazon Prime Now includes receiving packages to customers as quickly as possible, usually within an hour or two.

Amazon Logistics is the more available work of Amazon Flex. As an Amazon logistics delivery driver, you would ship packages between eight in the morning and nine at night, usually working three- or six-hour shifts.

To become an Amazon Flex driver, you will need to have a valid and clean driver’s license and your own vehicle. You will also need to be a responsible driver.

If you are unsure about driving on different types of roads, in the dark or in changing weather conditions, you will want to think twice before applying.

You need to have excellent driving skills, an excellent level of concentration, and be a responsible driver at all times if you want to deliver for Amazon.

2. Great communication skills

In addition to the skills behind the wheel, you will need to have excellent communication skills. This includes both verbal and written communication skills.

Being an Amazon delivery driver is not just about driving. You will have a lot of paperwork to complete and will be in constant contact with your staff and customers so having excellent communication skills is very important.

3. Excellent attention to detail

You will need to pay excellent attention to detail to ensure that the paperwork is processed properly. You will also need to have a keen eye for detail to check your vehicle regularly.

A malfunction can be a nightmare for shipping drivers. By constantly inspecting your vehicle and performing routine maintenance, you can ensure Faults not going to happen.

You also need a good eye for detail to plan routes and stay up to date on things like car accidents and Poor weather conditions.

However, if you use route planning software that optimizes routes, these latest details can be handled automatically.

4. Quality customer service skills

Another key part of Amazon’s day-to-day delivery driver tasks is providing quality customer service.

Amazon has a reputation to maintain, and as a shipping driver, you’re the face of the company. That means you need to remember to smile, be polite and courteous, and stick to Amazon’s customer service policy at all times.

Often, you will be the only Amazon representative that a customer meets face-to-face, so your customer service skills are especially important.

As an Amazon representative, you may also be required to inform customers about new products and services. You must know how to answer any question that customers have.

5. Good time management skills

A crucial part of Amazon shipping is ensuring that packages arrive on time, especially if you work as an Amazon Prime Now delivery driver. This means you must have good time management skills.

You need to be able to adhere to the strict delivery schedule that Amazon sets.

Yes, there is flexibility in the hours you choose to work as an Amazon Flex driver. But when you work these hours, you have to meet deadlines to ensure that the items arrive on time and the customers stay satisfied.


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