5 Things To Do When You’re Unemployed

Familiar with the adage, “Applying for a job is a full-time job”? Do not listen to it.

Applying for jobs you are not eligible for is not effective in finding your job. The competition is too fierce. Even qualified candidates do not get re-engagement. So, stop applying for so many jobs and set aside time each week to become more employable. so:

1. Volunteer


Volunteering can increase your chances of getting a job if you are strategic about it. Unemployed teacher? Help with lunch programs or volunteer to be an assistant coach. Web Designer? Find a local nonprofit who desperately needs redesign and offer your pro bono services. By volunteering at a relevant place, you will keep your skills fresh while improving your resume.

2. Keep your skills up to date


If you lack the skill usually required for the jobs you are looking for, take time each day to develop that skill. Take advantage of many free online resources including tutorials, ebooks and instructional videos. If you prefer more than an array of classes, look for free or affordable classes in your area. Alternatively, if you already have the necessary skills but have not practiced, then do so. Skill degeneration is a huge concern for recruiting executives, so practice and prepare yourself for skills tests before the deal.

3. Network, network, network

The person builds his professional network


There are two parts to the network: reconnecting with your old contacts and creating new ones.

Depending on where you are in your career, reconnecting may be contacting professors, college counselors and internship supervisors, or it means contacting senior colleagues, bosses and business acquaintances. Find them, email them, call them. Ask them if they want to drink coffee. Ask how they are (the network is social, after all) and let them know the details of your job search (industry, location, etc.). See if They know about something or someone, and most importantly, follow!

In a temporary deadlock with your current contacts? Make new ones. Go to networking events sponsored by your university, industry, city and so on. And look beyond traditional networking events. Consider going to lectures, neighborhood council meetings, and even a community bar (go easy with the sauce).

Each of these provides an opportunity to meet people with similar interests, and you will enjoy the process. Again, continue!

4. Independent

A woman trying to freelance for work


There are job seekers who oppose anything that is not full time. If this sounds like you, it’s time to dump her and move on. A freelancer is a great way to boost your skills, resume, portfolio, professional network, income and confidence.

5. Build an online presence

An unemployed young man establishes an online presence by writing a blog post while looking for a job


To be online. Start a blog, improve your social media profiles and / or create an online portfolio to showcase your work. Find companies you are interested in working for, subscribe to their blogs, and follow them on Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter. Find decision makers in those companies and follow them as well. Learn what they’re talking about, do a little research and then contact them online. Impress them with your interest and insights.

Worst scenario: You will learn what is important to them and use this information to personalize your application when a job opens.

Better scenario: You will contact someone who will recommend you for the job and / or tell you about hidden jobs.

Best Scenario: You will chart someone for so long that he will create a job for you or bring you to a research interview.

So, what are you doing to become more rentable? If you do nothing, then consider doing one (or more!) Of these things, starting today.

The job search process can be incredibly frustrating and stressful, especially if you feel lost, trapped or burned out in your career. If you have trouble finding a job that suits you, we can help.

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