5 Ways To Avoid Online Job Search Scams

Job search can be a nuisance, and life can be so hectic at times that many people end up relying on online job search engines. You apply for about 10-15 jobs a day, you are tired of all the life tasks in your daily routine, it took you about a good hour to find a job that interests you and she recruits, and the last thing you think about before you click the submit resume button is: Does this job advertise fraud?

It’s hard enough to get repeat calls from online job postings, so would not you like to save time and submit your resume to a real company that actually works? If your answer is yes, here are some tips to help you identify red flags in job postings. Use these rules to prevent job-seeking scams from chewing your precious time when looking for your next job.

1. There is no company name in the job ad

This may not be true for all jobs, but it’s one worth considering. While companies use blind job postings to protect them, this can have a downside. This type of job posting can be used to collect personal information about you as part of an identity theft program. It may be in your best interest not to include too much information about yourself when applying for a company name in any case. If you happen to be contacted for an interview, ask for the company name so you can do research before agreeing to something. Otherwise how will you succeed in this interview if you know nothing about the company?

2. The email address ends in @ yahoo, @gmail, @hotmail, etc.

Not all companies have company emails, especially if they are just starting out. However, if there is a company advertising the job, you have done your research, and they are a well known company, lack of professional email may be something you should consider checking. Worry if a job posting includes a company name but has an email address that is not a primary domain.You may want to put on your research hat and see if you can find a company phone number so you can verify the job posting as well as the company’s legitimacy.

3. The contact can not be found through a Google search

A woman avoids job search fraud

Not all of them can be found through a Google search, but if you are an employer, chances are you can be found online. Whether it’s on social media sites like LinkedIn or Facebook, there should be some information about your employer somewhere.

4. They offer you the job within 24 hours of sending your application

A person investigates a company to avoid job search fraud

While it would be nice for an employer to immediately recognize your many talents, but you need to keep in mind that there is a process to go through, and because the job market is so competitive right now, it’s easy to get excited when a potential employer wants to hire you.

I once applied for a position as a writer for a publication that turned out to be in Canada. The publicity was real, but the job publicity was not. The recruiter offered me the job and the payment within a day without even discussing my first assignment. Although I felt I was fit for the job, it seemed too good to be true that someone wanted to pay me without using my services first. The lesson here? Any company worth working for will want to get to know you before offering you a salary for your skills.

5. They want to pay you even before you start working

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Some scam artists like to send checks to their victims as a way to log into their bank accounts. How It Works? Well, they send you a check – sometimes overnight – and then you’re asked to deposit the check and send some back to a third party. It may seem as if the check has been removed, so you send the requested part to a third party as stated. Until the bank finds out that the check is bad, the check pops up, leaving you out of the money you were asked to send back.

Remember, looking for a job takes time and your time is precious. Therefore, the next time you are looking for a job online, scan your job posting thoroughly before submitting your resume to avoid any job search scams. Good luck and stay safe outside!

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