7 Self-care tips to reduce job-search stress over the festive season

The festive period is known as a happy period, but also incredibly demanding! With long ‘to do’ lists, extra commitments and deadlines around, even the most relaxed person can feel the pressure. Add a search for a new job into the mix and winter can easily be the most stressful time of the year! So here are our self-care tips to help you reduce stress while looking for work during the holiday season.

Stay social

It’s easy to be so focused on the ’employee’ part of your identity that you forget about the other parts of your life. Spend time with friends and family, especially during the holidays, to remind yourself why you work and what is most important in your life.

Narrow your vision

When you feel stressed about getting a new job, it can be easy to go for every opportunity you see; Make a big list and send your resume to everyone! That means more things to follow, more interviews to organize, and more stress each day.

Anyway, make a long list of all the vacancies you see, but instead of applying for everything, really think about what you want, where your skills lie and what salary they offer.

If you jump head first into a job that is not right for you just because you feel overwhelmed by the job search process, you will find yourself going back to looking for a job faster than ever! Take your time and narrow down the list of options.

take a break

Do not burn. If you spend all day and night thinking about it, looking for jobs and submitting applications, you will run out of steam and the pressure will increase. Like any project, set times to work on, and times to relax and recover. When you’re not working on a job search, try to change a scene – go out, or even to another room or space in your home and do something without a screen for an hour. It will help you a lot.

Disassemble the tasks

It is common to think that if you do not start looking today you will miss the job opportunity of your life, but if you rush to it, you will be unprepared and anxious. Instead, divide the big task of finding a new job into smaller, manageable jobs, and give yourself time to complete each activity.

For example, in the first two days you can work on updating your resume. In the next two you can refine your cover letter, and in the next two you can work on your LinkedIn profile. A week to prepare is not too much to ask of yourself and a plan will help prevent you from panicking.

Stay positive

It can be hard to think of a positive future when you are stuck in the mud of anxiety and stress, but a positive attitude will help you stay optimistic, and it will be much more attractive to recruiters. Even if you have suffered rejection to this day, remember that it is only an inevitable part of the process, and it is not something that should be delayed. Positive thinking will help you learn from rejection and move on to the next opportunity.

Reward yourself

Do not wait until the letter of acceptance to celebrate, reward yourself at every stage of the job search journey to maintain your mood and think about what you have achieved so far.

Do not miss the pressure

If your anxiety is affecting other areas of your life and health, then it’s time to talk to someone about it. Do not accept the fact that it is a natural part of the process if the job search causes you anxiety attacks, disrupts your sleep or affects your relationships. Do not cancel it as usual, and seek help.

Your next employer wants to see you at your best, so take care of yourself first, and the rest will come – good luck!

If you feel the pressure of the job search, contact Tiger today. We can help you find the role of your dreams.


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