99% of Job Seekers Need This Service. We Scripted It for You.

One of my favorite memories of my career is a visit to a resume writer and career coach at her home office in Virginia.

She was at her desk in PJs with her legs up wrapped in soft slippers “coaching” a 6-figure executive client.

Open on her knees was the binder of CDI’s Certified Employment Interview Consultants Program.

I watched as she read directly from the CEIC interview guide on the phone.

Her client never had a clue!

I wish I was taking pictures!

It made me smile to see my interview coaching system and strategy run as smoothly as it was supposed to be!

The reality is that 99% of job seekers need an interview, coaching and consulting strategy!

I constantly see career professionals working too hard and leaving money on the table by:

  • Referring businesses to coaches or other programs because they do not have the skills to offer a service.
  • Reaches the ceiling of income because they trade in hours for dollars with how many customers they can take with time-consuming services 1-1.
  • Sometimes they have a skill (such as interview coaching) but feel they have to wait until they have full physical content to give to their clients and show value.
  • Limiting the potential success of their customers by not providing certain services.
  • Assuming a risk when a resume is not a magic bullet because the customer has not received the other parts they need to make that resume work.
  • Had to devour more customers because they lose more revenue per customer through additional services.

You can really just read from a script and see yourself helping your clients prepare for interviews!

CEICA Certified Job Interview Course (CEIC) is the perfect solution for you.

I would love to see you learn it and get certified, but the content is there to start helping your customers now:

  • Scripts made for you to read aloud.
  • Made-for you parts to pass on.
  • Examples and stories made for you.
  • Group activities done for you for 1 or 100.
  • Color encoder to help you smoothly move from script to story to exercise.
  • Optional customer workbook branded for your company at wholesale rates.

And more:

  • A module on integrating an interview and coaching strategy into your services, selling them, handling objections, packaging them and creating outline courses for presentation for transition workshops and schools.

We share love for Valentine’s Day

You will not see these on the course page, but when you sign up by Tuesday, February 22, 2022, you will receive an additional $ 1473 bonuses!

In addition to all the “made for you” course materials from the CEIC regular course, you will also receive:

Access to audio recordings of deep diving instruction from CEIC Live.

There are no plans to offer the CEIC again as a live show, and we have never offered other subscribers access to the recordings. However, for one week only, all subscribers will have access to the 11 recordings in which we answer questions, delve into content and guide topics, including how to market and sell the services. This is 11+ hours of bonus material for online listening or downloading as MP3s. Value $ 999.

All modules in MS Word and PDF.

Those who enroll in the CEIC program receive only the PDF modules for the course. Only subscribers live and everyone who subscribes this week will have access to download MS Word as well. Why is it great? It offers greater flexibility and ease of customization of materials to take to the customer! Value of $ 299.

Bonus Group Strategy Meeting.

Everyone who registers during this special will have access to a 60 minute hot session / questions and answers session on Wednesday, April 6, 2022 at 12:00 East. I pushed it until that date to make sure you had time to go over the material with your busy schedule. Thus, the call can give you the biggest ROI return through my training. I charge $ 450 per hour for a 1-1 workout, so depending on attendance, this could be a great ticket for you. (It will be recorded). Estimated value of $ 175.

That’s $ 1473 in bonuses while you add new approval and potential to a new revenue stream!

Learn more about the CEIC program now >>


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