A Compelling General Labor Resume Sample

The general workers really make things happen. Rather, they are the ones who make the construction work progress, help keep our roads intact, and assist other members of the construction work team in a variety of tasks.

If you plan to work as a general worker, you deserve a job that pays well, offers great benefits and keeps you going. But to get the job you need, you have to be Great resume.

Want to know a secret? You do not have to be a superstar to create a compelling resume for a job. All you need to do is know the number of guiding principles for designing and storing information about your document. This post will show you how it is done.

Make a list of skills and certifications

Remember that you are using your resume as a tool to sell yourself. Do not start until you have some good comments. Make a list of all the relevant skills, certifications, memberships in the union, etc. Then, when writing a custom resume for each position, you will be able to highlight the most important things.

For example, general verb skills for a resume:

  • Hand tools and power tools
  • Concrete works
  • White works
  • Plastic injection work
  • Foundation preparation
  • Loading and unloading materials
  • Driving a truck
  • Forklift operations
  • demolition
  • Safety protocols

Choose your resume format based on your experience

There are two basic resume formats:

  • chronological
  • Functional resume

Each of them is great for general workers. And you have to choose the one that suits you best. Generally, use a chronological resume when you have a continuous job in your field.

If you are less experienced or have had an array of contract-based appearances, use the functional resume.

The difference between the two is that your chronological resume is written in reverse order in chronological order. It shows your progress and accomplishments throughout your career.

A functional resume list is built around your skills and highlights your abilities, acquired at different times and projects.

Do not forget to detail your soft skills

A successful worker must be able to communicate with others, do basic math, use various tools and machines without much training, and deal effectively with disagreement. It is not enough to have building skills and physical strength. You need to have good soft skills too. This includes communication, teamwork and conflict management.

Expand your job search

You can write great resumes, but where will you send them? Do you find that there are not many in your local job lists? Do not worry. These jobs are often advertised elsewhere. Expand your search to include the following:

  • Your local unemployment office
  • The work center or workforce at your local community college
  • Union Halls
  • Websites of construction companies

The city or county where you live may have a job training center or a recruitment agency to help you apply for a job and connect you with potential employers.

Edit irrelevant items

Is it worthwhile to include your high school in the education part of your resume? What about part-time jobs you had, or a job unrelated to being a general worker? The answer is probably no.

If you are younger or inexperienced, you want your resume to reflect all the education and experience you have. In that case, leave these works and this educational history in place. On the other hand, if you have many years of experience, you may want to consider leaving it. Instead, focus on the relevant items. In any case, your resume will not exceed one page.

Example of a resume for a general employee (Word version)

Example of a resume download (.docx)

Example of a resume for a general job (text version)

Professional summary

A general worker with over seven years of experience in commercial and residential construction, looking for a job as a worker in a union-friendly company. Eager to move into a leadership role.

Davis Homes
General worker – driver
2018 – Today

Performed a variety of tasks to assist in the construction of homes, apartment buildings and custom-made cabins. The work included:

  • Cutting and milling trees according to specifications
  • Unloading timber, drywall and other materials from delivery trucks.
  • Matching materials against shipping receipts.
  • Verification of the quality of the items delivered.
  • Assisting carpenters in tasks such as placing trusses and digging piers.
  • Maintenance of tools and equipment

Meyer-Thompson Development Group
General worker / modular building manufacturer – driver
2014 – 2018

Worked in a facility for the production of modular building parts that were used to build a variety of warehouses, government buildings and other commercial buildings. The roles included:

  • Framing interior and exterior walls
  • Transfer of finished materials to transport trucks
  • Ensuring the cleanliness of work areas
  • Providing cuts for electricity and plumbing

Roofing line district
2012 – 2013
General worker – trainee

Assisting roofers and carpenters in frames, shingles, takepoint and other tasks related to external stimulation and renovation.


The international fraternity of construction workers and operating engineers
Hapoel General Accelerated Journey Plan
June 2014

Training and development program for general workers
January 2012

West County Technical High School
June 2011
Matriculation certificate
Certificate in construction and maintenance professions

Last thoughts: Write a summary or a great goal

Every resume should start with a well-written objective statement or professional summary. Which one should you choose? It really depends. If you have some experience, then a professional summary is a better choice. Basically, you record what you bring to the workplace as an experienced worker.

Are you entry level? So the purpose of a resume is the best. You will use it to describe the role you want, some positive qualities you have and your aspirations.

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