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nothing one Determine the path to employment. Depending on the industry and the company you are applying to, the application process may be different. So what should you do? How are you supposed to prepare for the wide-ranging types of interviews, tests and assessments you may have to lock in your dream job? Well, here are the stories, tricks and tips of people who have successfully navigated similar processes.

We had the opportunity to speak with three analysts who promised a full-time summer internship at Capital Group. During our conversations, we learned about their experience in Capital Group’s unique recruitment process. By combining behind-the-scenes insights from Capital Group associates with well-researched tips and tricks, we have created a step-by-step guide that will help current students and recent graduates navigate the recruitment and internship process for industry leaders like Capital Group.

1. Arm yourself with knowledge

To start looking for a job, we recommend gathering as much relevant information and knowledge as possible. More often than not, job seekers skip this step and rush to lock up an interview. But what happens when you get to an interview? What happens if the recruiter asks you about your favorite stocks or if you have considered any market forecasts? While there is no way to anticipate the specific questions that will be asked, the best thing you can do to prepare is to actively consume relevant information.

Here’s what Alex Ivanova, Capital Group Investment Analyst, has promised and successfully completed the internship.

Keeping your finger on the pulse of the industry will help you maintain an intelligent and informed conversation with your interviewer. Most of all, it will prove that you are passionate about your field, something that Capital Group values ​​in their candidates.

Get exposure

Once you feel confident that you have prepared enough, drop your pulley and start putting out some tactile opportunities. Look for job fairs, clubs, organizations and of course WayUp, to create the first point of contact with employers. For example, Capital Group is collaborating with Women in Investing (WIN) to raise top talent, such as Alex Ivanova, mentioned above. Finally, do not be afraid to ask your professors or your career services department for their advice on which organizations to attend to form the most important relationships with employers.

3. Nail the interview

The interview is perhaps the most important part of the application process. One gold niche shared by a number of Capital Group partners during this part of the process remains authentic. Capital Group is a company that values ​​personality as much as it values ​​industry knowledge. Be yourself, and do not be afraid to say that you do not know the answer to the question. The recruiter will respect your sincerity and move on, which is much better than telling you to do Know something and then grope in repentance.

4. Throw yourself on your head into the internship

One of the many unique features of Capital Group’s summer internship program is the experience of living the life of an actual analyst. Participate in the daily activities of a True Investment company and at the end of three months, expect you to present a presentation on the work you have done.

Nishit Kaushik, an investment analyst at the Capital Group, emphasized how much you learn in three short months.

5. Make relationships with full-time associates

While it is important to fully commit to your project, turning to as many current associates as possible during your summer internship is critical as well. Not only will this help you build lasting relationships, but it will also help you begin to understand one of Capital Group’s core values ​​- collaboration.

Fortunately, Capital Group facilitates contact with current colleagues by combining each intern with a mentor and offers opportunities for coffee talks and Saturdays with other team members. Take for example Nishit, who met more than 75 people during his internship. Chances are that more than a few of these conversations have helped Nietzsche gain the insight and knowledge needed to successfully collaborate with his co-workers today.

6. Send a follow-up after the presentation

Once you have presented your project and your internship is over, be proactive and turn to the partners you have been dealing with all summer. Creating authentic relationships will help, whether you guarantee the job or not. Talk about what you enjoyed in the internship, tell them if you have a real interest in joining the company, and most importantly, pass on your appreciation for the opportunity.

Not only will following these steps help you navigate your first interview and internship experiences, but they will also help you build the skills you will use for the rest of your life.

At the end of the day, when you know how to prepare for new opportunities, you can put yourself out there and apply with confidence. Joining the Capital Group means joining a company that is passionate about helping everyone succeed. If this is something you want to be a part of, feel free to check out all of their available opportunities.


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