A Raise During a Pandemic? Consider These Strategies

Since we are still in the midst of an epidemic, the employee will have to carefully assess whether he should request a raise. Do not assume that you are still employed, and the company is successful enough to give you a raise. Many companies borrow from Peter to pay Paul, who may also be on borrowed time.

Optics is not everything when you assess your needs. By no means do I want to convey that I recommend for the mother to be inactive.

Most people are afraid of being told “no”. Use the “no” option as motivation and intelligence, but not as an obstacle. This article will help you shape your claim for the upload you need for the coming months and years. The more critically you think with your strategy, the more likely you are to try and learn to present your boss with different aspects of the need for a fee:

  • You will increase your chances and try to learn to present to your boss different aspects of the need for a fee. Think like your boss about your value and performance.
  • Position your attitude as “how” about “why” or “why not”. Yes, it’s easier to know the reasons why you did not get it, but you need to know for sure “how”.
  • With “yes” or “no”, you want to leave the dialogue open for future uploads.

Consider the following factors if you are considering an increase in this economic climate or any depression:
1. If you are less functional in your current job
2. If performance expectations have changed dramatically, especially if the standards for uploads are unclear.
Remember this: you do not want to look deaf in asking for a raise. You need to drive lightly and understand what these issues mean. Consider waiting for clearer opportunities to ask.

Timing is important when requesting a raise.

A company or industry experiencing growth is a great time to ask if performance is not an issue. Good financial health signs are announced by executives, company newsletters, annual reports, and sometimes the media. The timing can bring the desired result if you request a raise when these announcements are celebrated.

When not to ask at this time?

Freeze employees or layoffs
2. No data will show that you exceed expectations (the burden of proof is on you)
3. Negative performance review

How not to request a salary increase:

Demanding a raise is always inappropriate. Your attitude is extremely important to the chances of the application succeeding.
2. Show clear reasons for your expected upload, but try to be flexible.
Look for the win-win. Both sides must achieve more significant value in the end.
The COVID-19 epidemic has forced uncertainty on businesses and how they will operate now and in the future. Even if the company is thriving now, it may be worried about running a business in the future.

Does not often mean “not now”.

The “no” is intelligent, as Kwame Christian has told me in the past, and an opportunity for you to come up with a plan with your boss. By uploading this program in writing and agreeing to bring it back to the table for review will not only add value to the relationship but will increase your chances of uploading.

Over time, it may take a number of discussions to get a raise how you approach a raise and timing a request to build a bridge for the future or hurt what is left of the relationship between you and your boss.

Consider negotiating other benefits

Money is not the only negotiation that can be obtained during the plague when finances are an issue. Some people have created distant positions, saving them hundreds of dollars in travel, babysitting and even food. The idea of ​​being creative in the long run has the potential to create more value for you than the money itself. Is it possible to have a more personal vacation? What about stock options?

Do not give up

If you focus on getting a raise only, you may burn a bridge for future raises.

The communication bridge will create more opportunities for dialogue and value for the future and the future. Demanding behavior, however, indicates a reluctance to cooperate and stifle current and future opportunities.

If they reject you In exchange for a salary increase, It’s best to use it as a way to build a stronger relationship with your boss And be patient. Refusal even after you have done everything right may be “not now”. A positive outlook and continued enthusiasm for execution despite the circumstances will be viewed positively and will create additional opportunities.

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