All I want for Christmas is a new career!

At this time of year we are starting to realize that we basically have to deal with everything that has to do with Christmas because that is going to happen very soon and it is a deadline that we can not postpone.

It also symbolizes the end of the year, which from a career perspective, is when we look back on the year and consider what went well and what did not – what we will do differently next year and what we want to stay the same. Did you start the course you wanted? Did you make the career change you wanted to make since before the plague? It’s going to be 2022 in a few weeks, so now would be a great time to start thinking about what career changes you want.

A career change is as exciting as it is daunting and very easy to ignore this little voice of restlessness that keeps talking about things like work / life balance, fulfillment, making a change, doing something you believe in and all the other things you wanted from your job but it’s not really Succeeded. Anyway, this job is not so bad – right? I mean, the money is fine and the people are nice to work with and hey, it’s hard to make a career change in my situation. So how do I know that moving to another location will cause these things and in fact I’m not even sure what I want more! It’s a little awkward really that at my age I should have more of an idea about my future. Anyway after so long in this sector, I do not know what it’s right for me to do it’s different and even if I knew what I wanted I’m not sure where to start, so it’s probably best if I just leave it for now. Does any of this sound familiar?

Does the sound amplify and require your attention more often, but even though you have spent more time thinking about your options you continue to encounter the same blocks – and why is it usually around 3:00 am after that extra long week or another weekend lost from work? That the voice is very bright?

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How much time have you spent over the last 12 months searching for inspirational job sites, talking to friends and family about feeling a little stuck and maybe doing something else and then feeling a little depressed when they can not come up with answers. You have not yet reached yourself or it seems illogical to you. They mean well, but they usually have an opinion that is not so helpful when what you actually want is objective and impartial input that will help you make decisions and get some clarity.

Christmas break is a great time to take stock of your career situation and think about what you want from your job and get good quality professional guidance and support to find out if you can make that change or how to achieve what it is that may be missing in your current job. Working on a custom career management plan with a career coach will give you the right level of support you need to help you make informed decisions about where you are going next.

So for Christmas this year give yourself the gift of answering these big career questions and silencing that voice in 2022.

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