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You may have been this or that for most of your career. Think about your first jobs … fast food, delivery services, retail store, etc. I had all these. I guess you have too.

All of these have made you who you are today. Whether you are at the beginning of your career or even if you have been doing something for 10, 20 years or more. But, when you are looking for your next job, I suggest considering which of the three you want to be. Which one do you want to focus on and which one do you want to delegate. This is not an article on the art of delegation, but when you know what you are and want to be it becomes much easier to delegate tasks.

This is true even if you are looking to hire someone.
Consider what you are looking for when creating a job description.

What do you want to be today? tomorrow? next year?

When you decide which one you want to be … or more realistically which combination of relationships of each one you want to be then you can set yourself up for success. When you evaluate your current skills and consider what you want to do and be next, you can consider whether you are a body, mind or business partner.

Reality check: Each of us perceives different incarnations of each at different times in our careers.

Hell, at different times of the day … especially for soloists.

When a company is in the process of recruiting someone you should pay attention to what they seem to really want to hire. For some companies and some recruitment managers it is not always clear what they want. It’s up to you to figure out what they really want. This may be a difficult thing to do. However, if you know what you want to be you can ask questions to see if the role is designed for where you want to be.

What do I mean by body, mind and business partner?

  • body – that is, only a warm body. Someone who can blur a mirror and maybe not much more.
  • brain – Someone with the skills to make things happen predictably and can be repeated.
  • Business partner Someone who can and will be an integral part of the business. Reliable, expected to provide, and a key component in the business.

Do people rent only body and brain types? Yes!

While this may seem like a degrading position to take when describing certain roles that are not intentional. The intention is to decide what you want to do. There are times in our lives when being one specific thing is exactly what we need. If you have the luxury to decide (and for most of us) then it’s worth the time to consider what you want to do … now, tomorrow, next year, and beyond.

There are definitely times to be one or more of these roles. I hope you have the luxury of deciding which one you want to be. When I describe a body above … do not treat it offensively. Some companies treat their people this way. The function of the brain can sometimes be very analogous – work on tax filing or other work that can be a long slow grind. Important body and brain functions. Smart companies and smart employers are looking for more. The appearance of business partners.

When done right … a business partner model enables, enables and empowers a body or mind to put their skills to the test and become an integral partner to the business and customer experience.

The point of this post really started in the previous sentence. I have seen too many companies unwilling to raise their positions to see the body and mind as an integral part of the business. In the long run these businesses are losing out to others as they are looking for business partners. At least that’s what I see and expect to see more and more as the war for talent heats up in the coming years.

So how do you decide what works for you? It’s up to you to decide. There are so many options. And the good news is … you can change your mind while on the move. See the post below on spending 40 minutes (or 20 hours) to learn a new skill.

How to move forward, move forward and do what you want?

Just … commit to being a lifelong learner.

Would you be willing to spend 20 hours learning something new?
If so, maybe you will enjoy this post Can you save 40 minutes to learn a new trick?

That does not mean you have to learn everything or know everything. I was trained as an engineer. What they taught us in school (and my parents taught me that too) is that when you take the time to learn something … then you will have that knowledge forever. That does not mean I will ever be an expert on certain things. In fact, in many things. This means I can decide if I want to be a body, mind or business partner with the knowledge I have learned.

That’s the key! You can decide what you want to be.

Read on – I include those that you do not have to leave your “day job” to make something happen and decide what role you want to fill.

Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella said it well. He said “It’s better to be ‘learn everything’ than ‘know everything’ And he has put that mantra to the test in the last three years, as he has reoriented the Microsoft machine to tremendous accomplishments. If he can do it with 120,000 employees, imagine what you can do for yourself – both personally and professionally.

So, are you positioning yourself as a body, mind or business partner?



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