Back to School … & now time to focus on you

What do the three words “back to school” cost you?

For parents of school-age children, September feels more like the start of a new year, more so than traditional January celebrations. Adapting to the school routine, this feels like a wonderful opportunity to put yourself first and plan the year ahead, especially after the last 18 months of surviving the plague.

This is an ideal time to plan some personal goals and careers for the next 12 months. What do you want for yourself and your family? In this blog, we share three key questions to reflect on and set goals:

What changes do you want in your life?

How do you want your life to be different in, say, 12 months? Imagine yourself in a year, what do you see differently from now on? What are the things that are going to make the biggest changes: a new fitness regime? Change career direction? Find ways to live simpler? To change certain relationships? More home-cooked meals? Solve some long-term problems? Fall in love with a new interest or occupation?

Once you have invented the most important things to change, ask yourself what are the first steps to take to make these changes happen?

The key to this question is to give yourself permission to dream, imagine and plan your future so that you know what you want, what you really want.

Then, most importantly, take action to make it a reality.

What works well in your life?

Reflecting on what is working in your life right now, can be a very helpful way to appreciate all the good things and ensure you hold on to them. What are you treasure and precious to you? Are these precious people, places, things, time? What does each of these give you and how can you ensure that you continue to receive it?

Plan to invest in maintaining and enriching everything that works well in your life.

What do you want to release from?

Releasing the things that do not work for us well is a healthy process. Maybe you are clinging to unhealthy relationships, wasting time on something you really do not want to do or that is not sustainable, continuing with work situations or home life circumstances that do not serve you.

Sometimes we can hold on to thoughts, feelings and negative things because of fear – we are not sure what will happen if we are released. The best advice is to trust yourself and let go.

By asking yourself these three questions, we propose to create a leading list of 5 goals to be achieved over the coming year.

And one last question …

The last question to ask yourself if you really want this year to be considered is: Who or what will help you? Perhaps turning to the lush army of gadgets, gizmos and available apps can help you keep track. It may be better to engage in the wisdom, support and motivation of trusted family and friends. And for the bigger and harder things to change, to really help you succeed, we recommend using an expert. Experts come in all types of outfits nowadays – whether it’s a YouTube tutorial, personal trainer, teacher or trainer – whatever you want to change in your life, there will be an expert available, ready and able to help you succeed.

The kids will work hard to achieve their goals in school this year and hopefully enjoy and learn a lot along the way (and let’s hope they can return to the level of normalcy this year!)

And this is our hope for you too – to create a future full of fun and learning, to move towards your ideal future.

If you enjoy expert advice and support around your career – whether returning to work after a break, preparing for a career change – perhaps a leadership role – or dealing with the flooding and challenges of being a working parent, check out There are many ways we can help you.

Happy school year!


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