Best Places to Retire in the US

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If money did not matter, maybe we would all retire to our private island, a wine estate in the Napa Valley, or maybe a castle in France. But money is important to most of us, and so is quality of life.

So, where are the best places to retire that are at least relatively reasonable while offering a lot of things to do?

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

If you are looking for a great city with lots to do to keep your mind and body moving, consider exploring Homes in Philadelphia for sale. “City of Brothers Love” has made its way to many lists of the best cities to retire. It has a lower cost of living than other major cities like San Francisco and New York; There is no tax on pension income, it is one of the walkable cities in the country, and has an exceptional public transportation system.

Philadelphia is home to world-class museums for women of culture, many concert halls and a number of outstanding university health systems. The scenic Kelly Drive is a popular place to walk, run or bike, while the Italian Market on Ninth Street is ideal for health-conscious people who want to buy fresh produce, cheeses and meats.

Gainesville, Georgia

Gainesville began attracting a growing number of retirees in 1996 when some of the rowing and Olympic kayaking events were held nearby at Lake Lanier. As a small town on a lake with a reasonable cost of living, many found it an idyllic community to retire in. It has a temperate climate of four seasons and provides easy access to recreation in the Appalachian Mountains.

So, where are the best places to retire that are at least relatively reasonable while offering a lot of things to do?Click to tweet

Wenchi, Washington

Located on the east side of the Cascade Mountains, just 22 miles southeast of the Bavarian town of Leavenworth, some have called Wenatchee “Paradise.” There is minimal rainfall, while the Columbia River meanders, and the jagged mountain peaks provide a spectacular backdrop. The orchards known as the “Apple Capital of the World” surround the town, producing some of the most delicious fruits in the world. The 10-kilometer-long Apple Capital Leisure Trail, which crosses the Columbia and Vanachi rivers, is a popular place to hike with dogs, bike, run or walk.

There is no state tax on Social Security or pension in Wanachi and it boasts many excellent psychiatrists. Residents also enjoy a great sense of community and a high quality of life with low crime and fresh air.

Montgomery, Alabama

The capital city of Alabama offers a reasonable cost of living – the cost of housing is very low compared to other cities, whose median apartment price is just under $ 115,000. This is a great place if you want to make those retirement dollars stretch. In addition, it has a subtropical climate with winters averaging just under 60 degrees.

While it rains a lot, you will find plenty to do outside, with plenty of parks, trails and golf courses to enjoy as the sun rises.

Sarasota, Florida

Sarasota is a retirement paradise with its own unique atmosphere different from the other coastal cities of the country. It boasts a vibrant art scene, plenty of fantastic restaurants, a famous opera house, and a great beach atmosphere, especially in St. Armandes Circle and Siesta Key Village. Siesta Key Beach is often referred to as the most beautiful beach in the country. Its silky white sands surrounded by clear blue water will be almost at the doorstep of your home.

Hurricanes are rare here because the bay it sits on is small and does not attract storms like cities like Naples and Tampa or places on the other coast. And the cost of living in Sarasota is reasonable, making it a great option for retirees on a budget.


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