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Stress may be inevitable in the workplace. But you will be better able to deal with it if you take recovery steps instead of continuing to go through the force. If you feel you are progressing toward burnout, try these strategies.

  • Psychologically disconnect from work. Spend time each day on non-work-related activities. Learn which triggers prevent you from quitting, and avoid them proactively. For example, if your phone presence asks you to check emails at work during off hours, turn it off or at least turn off the alerts temporarily.

  • Take micro breaks. Short breaks, even just 10 minutes, are surprisingly effective. For example, doing a short meditation, eating a nutritious snack, having a pleasant social interaction or reading an article can improve motivation and concentration, improve your mood and help you maintain your energy throughout the day.

  • Prioritize activities with higher effort. Passive activities like watching TV or listening to a podcast only help recovery. Consider going to the gym or playing team sports, or even going for walks, biking, hiking or swimming; Studies show that more active activities are more effective.

  • Build an environment that optimizes recovery. Although they may seem minor, small things like some plants and natural light in your office can have a positive effect on sleep quality, perceived stress and your overall health.

This tip is adapted from “How to recover from stress at work, according to science By Alyson Meister et al.


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