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Employee resource groups, or affiliation groups, are in-company membership organizations dedicated to connecting employees from all seniority levels who have common interests and backgrounds. They are also a great place to learn about different cultures and participate in fascinating discussions.

We asked some Evans Corning (OC) employees about their experiences, and how OC helps them stay connected and advance in their careers.

After completing two internships at Evans Corning, Logan Griezinger decided to join the Evans Corning sales team full time.

Logan joined Evans Corning full-time shortly after graduating from the University of Toledo with a degree in finance and professional sales. One thing that brought Logan back into the company was the company’s culture.

“It’s a big company with a welcoming and small feel,” she described. “I believe we have the freedom to explore, learn and evolve here.”

The women’s integration network at OC has played an important role in Logan’s career so far. As a member of the WIN Sales Council, Logan has been able to strengthen her leadership skills and the network with women and other leaders beyond the opportunities she will have in her current role.

“WIN hosts a lot of networking and programming for its members that focus on building a personal brand,” she said.

Logan’s role in the company’s inclusion and diversity recruitment champions provides her with the opportunity to share her experiences with potential employees, and inform them that there is a place for them where they can bring their complete and authentic selves to work every day.

“The more diverse thinking we have in our organization, the better we will be as teams and as a company,” Logan said.

Her advice to students interested in working at Evans Corning is to look at the different ways society influences the world. “We are a great company at the forefront of innovation that feels very human and welcoming. It was a great place to start my career and plant roots.”

Constantly climbing the ladder over the past decade, Lucas Gummy’s story with Evans Corning is an inspiring story.

Lucas Gummy has always been pushed to lead his peers. Whether it was early in his career while studying and discovering his passion for engineering, or starting out in the field for the first time, Lucas knew what he wanted to do.

Lucas, or Luke as his colleagues call him, graduated from Michigan Tech with a degree in mechanical engineering and began his career in the field Experience in engineering industry. Shortly afterwards, he began his career at Evans Corning, where he has been for the past eight years. Luke was happy to find people he could relate to in roles he had ambitions for. To his added delight, these colleagues were available and wanted to help Locke achieve his goals.

The issue of employee resource groups naturally came up in WayUp’s conversation with Locke. He spoke of them as critical resources, adding that the groups had positive effects on his experiences with Evans Corning. As a leader on the steering and advocacy committees of the African-American and LGBTQIA groups, Locke has his own goals that he hopes will benefit new and existing employees, just as they have benefited him.

“At the end of the day, it’s not just about gender, race or orientation, it’s about everyone feeling welcome, no matter who they are, how they think or what they do.”

Lucas ‘Luke’ Gummy, Plant Leader

After specializing in Evans Corning in the summer of his young year in college, Austin Rosales decided to join Evans Corning full time.

Austin’s first impression of the company’s culture was that the employees were welcoming and involved. He also liked that the company was dedicated to employee development.

Austin joined Evans Corning full-time in the Financial Leadership and Accounting Round program after completing a degree in finance from the University of Miami (OH). He has made rotations at OC ranging from sales to customers to companies. This gave him a rounded view of what the company is doing.

His experience in the WIN Group has provided a unique perspective. “It’s informative, and it helps me identify with my co-workers,” he said. “I enjoy the different ways to stay involved and influence change.”

“The company puts a lot of emphasis on where they are today and where they want to be in the future through commitments and action plans,” Austin said. “It will be exciting to see what the future holds.”

His advice to students interested in joining the Evans Corning community is to “be curious, ask questions, ask for help and make an effort to get to know people.”
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