Career Prospects for Electricians in 2022

Already in 2016 there is talk of a close case Lack of experienced electricians In the industry. Today, this forecast exists, with many electricians reaching retirement age and leaving a huge gap in the supply of electricians.

As a result, the cost of hiring an electrician has skyrocketed, and you will be lucky enough to find one for your project.

This means that being an electrician is a Career Worth taking if you are out of high school and need to learn a profession that will ensure pay and a good workflow.

What you need to be an electrician

One of the main things you will need as an electrician is to acquire the right skills. Many people often learn the profession through apprenticeships.

However, if you intend to start a business in the field of electrical contracting in the future, you must undergo training at a recognized institution certified by the Electricity Regulatory Agency.

If you are considering a career in the electrical industry, it is best to get proper training. Whether you are new to the industry or you are looking to upgrade your skills, these Electrical training You should take a look at the courses offered by Skills Training Group.

Payment rates

Paying for an electrician can be quite attractive. Given that you do not need an academic degree to become an electrician, this is an excellent career path. In both the US and the UK, the average salary for an electrician is relatively high compared to other skilled occupations.

In the UK, the median salary for an electrician is £ 33,000 a year, with the salary for experienced electricians reaching up to £ 60,000.

In the U.S., the average salary for an electrician is $ 55,500 a year. With such incentives, one would think many young people would flock to the industry, but that is not the case.


As many young adults focused on academic degrees and White collar works Over the years, most developed countries have seen a steady decline in skilled trade workers like plumbers of electricians, welders and mechanics. This has led to high demand for this group of workers.

According to industry players, the UK will need 15,000 electricians over the next five years, meaning there is never a better time to join a trade with such statistics.

The increased demand is related to the aging of the electricity infrastructure that requires upgrading and adoption of new technologies that an electrician needs to install. This increase in demand also means that wages will go up as customers look for the few available electricians.

New technologies that require technicians continue to emerge

New technologies are popping up almost daily. With new technologies comes the need for skilled manpower for installations.

While most equipment comes with installation guides, some will still require some form of electrical installation to operate. In other cases a person may be too lazy to read the manual and call an electrician to do the hard work.

The advent of new technologies means that electricians will have an even higher demand in the future. Treating evolving technologies requires staying up to date on evolving trends and technologies.

This way, you will be versatile as an electrician by increasing the scope of tasks you can handle, which means more money in your pocket.

Last words

All signs point to a bright future for electricians. If you are looking for a career that will guarantee you permanent employment, a career in electricity is the best choice. The best place to start is to enroll in a reputable college electrical course.


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