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Published: January 21, 2021 by Gillian Collins

Meet SJSU’s graduate career counselor, Carrie McKnight. As we entered 2021, my interview with her in December 2020 hinted to me about three essential tools for the career center. With Carrie Insight, it’s much easier to make career decisions a reality. As Carrie told me, “My job is to support you because you do such a great job.”

Welcome to your resources

Curry has a great understanding of bringing you to a great career, in part because of the great resources she has at her disposal through the SJSU Career Center. I asked her what students should use – and how they should do it.

Where to start? (The “when” part is easy: Carrie wants you to start now!) These are the top three resources Carrie recommends that the Career Center offers.

  • Handshake.

    As an SJSU student, you may have heard of a handshake. You may have an account. But what is this? And why use it? Although often unused, it is an amazing tool that can be more powerful than LinkedIn. Per Curry: “Your handshake profiles [are] Important … because if you use the handshake platform to attend any of our virtual job fairs or virtual employer relationship events, or if you apply for jobs or specialize through the handshake platform, “not only will you know you are connecting to employers who are hiring employees, but Also “Administrators can see or view your profile.”

As Carrie noted, “making sure you have an up-to-date handshake profile is almost like a miniature LinkedIn.” In addition, the more details you enter into your profile, the more visible you are to employers (keep in mind that these are employers and companies that came to SJSU for talent). In addition, creating your Handshake account means you will be notified of upcoming career fairs, which Carrie says can be an important source of career opportunities. Essentially, LinkedIn for SJSU.

  • SJSU2.

    For Spartans, by Spartans. “… SJSU2 It’s our training platform, “Carrie explained, noting that through SJSU2 “You can just start connecting with graduates, maybe ask a few questions and then maybe find a mentor, and that can be very important for career development.” Beyond the network you have, take advantage of the networks built in front of you.

  • Focus 2.
    What can you do with Focus2? I asked Carrie about the usefulness of this career assessment tool: “Graduate students who know what their career path is can use career assessments to help them in branding to truly identify one [their] Top Skills. “When you learn about yourself, Carrie recommends” put it [information]
    Into a profile, or portfolio, or resume, or interviews. You know, when you sit down for an interview, they ask you about your strengths or your skills, and [career assessment
    information] Gives you that summary that you can refer to when creating your brand, or doing a job interview. “With the brand kit, the Career Center also has a resume review resource called VMockAs well as the virtual interview tool, Great interviewTo help you impress in your next job interview!

The Insider’s Edge

As with so many resources at school, the tools Carrie shared with me can only help you if you use them actively, which she will be happy to do! Looking for a job? Turn to handshake. Building your professional relationships or maybe looking for a mentor while you are a student? Check out SJSU2. Not sure what your main strengths are or wondering how to present them in a resume or discuss them in an interview? Focus2 will help you navigate this common challenge. With VMock and Big Interview, well, you’re all set.

Oh, and reach out to Curry? She would love to hear from you so she can help you further down your career path!

A quick jot from Gillian

When you are looking for a job, any tool or connection you invest in time will pay off. Carrie and the entire staff at SJSU’s Career Center are trained to accommodate graduate students like us with amazing careers. Take the time to roll the ball with Handshake, SJSU2 and Focus2 – and all the other great resources!

Oh, and make sure to keep an eye on the blog, because there is
More To the story from my interview with Carrie McKnight!

Additional resources

Selected career opportunities

  • A virtual librarian. TutorMe. Part-time remote. Submit on TutorMe
  • Library Operations Application Manager.
    Virtual / remote location. Submit on LibGig

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