Convincing Carpenter Resume Example and Tips

Many people do not fully understand the range of skills required to become a carpenter or the jobs a carpenter can do. A skilled professional may work on new construction projects, handle home renovation work or direct existing retail locations. They grind, cabinets, floor coverings and more.

As a skilled carpenter, you want to make the most of your skills in a job that pays well and has excellent benefits. This requires an impressive resume.

We’re here to help with that. Keep reading for a great example of a carpenter’s resume, and some helpful writing tips.

Example of a carpenter’s resume (Word version)

Here is a great example of a resume that is sure to bring the candidate to a job interview.

Example of a resume download (.docx)

Sample resume (text version)

Maybe Smith

An experienced carpenter with an active union card is looking for a job at a reputable construction company in the Bay Area. Has extensive experience in all stages of construction. Personal truck owner and collection of tools required.


  • Use of manual and power tools
  • Measurement and cutting
  • Reading and interpreting drawings
  • framing
  • Cabinet installation
  • Window and door installation
  • Punch Out work
  • Underfloor
  • Tangles
  • Decks and gazebos
  • Bilingual (English / Spanish)
  • Steel case
  • Usha Certified (Asbestos and Safety at Workplace)
  • Team leader and apprenticeship training
  • Microsoft Office
  • communication
  • Conflict management
  • Customer Service

Work history

Janssen Construction
Leading carpenter
July 2017 – Today
Carpenter frames and team leader

Completed more than 200 residential and commercial construction and renovation projects. These include the West Baymont housing development, the Myer Auto Center expansion and the Bayside University student housing center. Regularly led teams of 5 to 15 carpenters. Complete 100% of the products within the designated budget. The roles included:

  • Construction of a construction framework according to the designs presented
  • Promise that other trainees and carpenters will do their job properly
  • Work in collaboration with site supervisors, stakeholders, workers and other professionals
  • In accordance with the relevant safety rules and regulations
  • Quality Control

Consistently received excellent performance reviews, and was highly sought after as a team manager.

Maxx Interior Solutions
March 2014 – July 2017
Carpenter travel expert and interior installation expert

Worked as a team member in the installation and maintenance of interior office systems. Completed the roles in a way that created the least amount of disruption in the workplace, and ensured the safety of those present. The roles included:

  • Installing flooring in a computer room
  • Installation and repair of a steel chamber
  • Metal framing
  • Manufacture and installation of office furniture
  • Working in collaboration with office managers and site supervisor

Achieved the degree of amateur carpenter by completing the required working hours, receiving positive assessments from superiors.

Duff Property Restoration Services
June 2011 – March 2014
A carpenter trainee

Worked under the supervision and leadership of a UBC Journeyman certified carpenter to apply a variety of carpentry skills to a company specializing in the restoration of historic homes and commercial buildings. Participated in the successful restoration of the Bayside North Hotel and Casino. The roles included:

  • Finish carpentry
  • Carpentry trim
  • framing
  • Cabinet installation
  • Door train window

Acquire the full class of trainees as well as numerous “Employee of the Month” awards.


Labor Council / Carpenters District
Pre-internship program in construction professions
Graduation: January 2014

Completed a six-month intensive training program through the Carpenters Association and a youth training program in the Employment Corps

Bay City High School
Graduation: June 2013

Awards and areas of interest

  • June 2013 Graduate of Excellence Leads – Program Building Corps Jobs
  • April 2014 Apprentice of the Year of the United Carpenters Brotherhood
  • Puppy Scout Leader
  • Member of the Rotary Bay City Club

How to write a carpenter resume for your next show

As a carpenter, you probably have a variety of skills and areas of expertise, acquired during various projects. It may be tempting to mention all of your abilities.

But the standard resume length is only one page.

How do you get the maximum impact from it? By customizing your resume and content sections for the job description.

Focus on emphasizing and illustrating the qualifications, the employer listed in the candidate requirements section. And leave other interesting passages for your cover letter.

The following tips will help you better organize your resume for maximum impact!

Consider a hybrid resume

When you work in professions, your skills and experience are equally important. Remember, two carpenters can have the same amount of experience, but very different skill sets. Think about the difference between someone who builds houses and someone who works in closets.

Let your skills and your experience shine equally. Lead your resume with an impressive list of your abilities. Then go to the Career section starting from your last job. This resume format is called a hybrid resume because it combines the chronological work experience segment with a functional front area.

To give your resume a more “traditional” look, you can add the list of skills in the sidebar area instead of the title. There are many professional resume templates with such layouts.

Add an important achievement

Recruitment managers are impressed with the results. For each job you list, consider at least one achievement to add to your resume.

What is a good achievement to emphasize as a carpenter?

  • Deadlines
  • Budgets have been saved
  • Optimal cost
  • Awards / recognition received

Include a variety of skills

Of course a carpenter will know how to cut, measure, frame and perform additional tasks. However, their work duties go beyond that. A successful professional will know how to communicate with others, use computer software and deal with customers. So do not forget to include soft skills and technical knowledge in your resume.

Last thoughts: Use bullet lists and titles

When you add visual elements to your resume such as bulleted lists, subheadings and bold print, it becomes much easier to read. These elements enhance the readability of the document and draw the reader’s attention to the most important parts.

Finally, if you’re still struggling with layout and design, check out other resume examples we’ve created for more references!


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