Corporate Sales Q&A with Richelle Daly

meet Rachel, Corporate Accounting Officer in the UK and Ireland Corporate Sales Team (UKI) b HubSpot Dublin. When she joined HubSpot in March 2020, Richelle brings with her over ten years of enterprise sales experience to the enterprise sales team, and spends her days helping HubSpot’s enterprise customers grow better. In these questions and answers, Rachel dives into the world of corporate sales, and shares her tips and best practices for success. Here’s what she had to say …

Can you tell us a little about your sales background and your journey to HubSpot?

Since the beginning of my career I have always worked in the IT and technology sector. But before joining HubSpot I worked in sales roles at Oracle and Xerox. The ever-changing landscape of technology and digitization, coupled with the way we as human beings communicate with them and learn from technology in our world of work, is very exciting to me and keeps things interesting.

What exactly is an organizational accountant and how is it different from other accountant roles?

Life as a corporate accountant is very different from that Traditional Accounting Positions Who may work with small or medium-sized businesses. That is, it is a challenging job with a longer sales cycle, a lot of moving parts, and sometimes can be difficult. First and foremost, it’s because you’re dealing with many different relationships within the C level and across an organization, where everyone’s challenges are different and important to him. You need to take care of it, listen and be patient. As a corporate accountant, you are basically a consultant, so you need to act accordingly, bring value and trust during the sales process. You need to educate your stakeholders along the way, be a project manager, deal with high-value advertisements, get to know your competitive environment and know where your product sits. In the corporate sales team you need to be patient and be willing to wait maybe six months to a year, or even longer to close some deals. Timelines make the organizational role different from any other sales role, and so do more valuable transactions that you will work on.

Tell us what a typical day looks like for you on the company’s sales team?

As a corporate accountant, the way you organize your day, week and month is the key to success. The HubSpot CRM and sales tools give me the structure I need and help me stay ready. That means setting up my tasks every day, Which deals should I prioritize For a week, and my manager is ready for my manager. Do your best to prepare for demos, especially as new employees. Control the controllable points as much as possible, because the more prepared you are, the less uncertainty you will have. Know your major stakeholders, what is important to them and what value you can bring to these conversations. Before a big conversation with a major stakeholder, I will ask my manager or mentor (or both) what they think – you will never have enough ideas to bring to these conversations to differentiate you from your competitors

What skills are critical to success in an organizational sales role?

You have to be hard working, you have to transplant, ask questions, be curious, be humble, be open to learning new things, and not be afraid to feel so uncomfortable in the learning stages. Discomfort is worth it, and will eventually make you a more rounded and successful sales professional. You also need to have growth thinking, be willing to find the solution rather than the problem, be stubborn, and most importantly, be kind and respectful to your network. A career in enterprise sales is a great opportunity, and HubSpot is a great company to work for. I met the most amazing people on my HubSpot journey so far.

What advice would you give to someone who wants to break into a career in corporate sales?

Watch, listen and learn from those you admire. Ask questions, be curious, and tell someone on an organizational team in your organization that the role of business accountant is what you aspire to do. I promise you will get the support you need. Get a mentor, talk to your manager and show your aspirations. Sometimes expressing your goals and showing a goal is half the battle.

What drew you to a HubSpot sales career?

A lot of my peers actually switched to HubSpot before, and the fact that HubSpot was called The first best place to work in 2020 Immediately raised my interest to enter with a foot in the door. The company culture, the trust, the belief they have in their people, and the way they amplify your success are something I have never seen in any other organization. What really did it for me was attending a women’s sales event last November. Hearing how empowered women are in the workplace during the session amazed me, and here I am sharing my story a year later!

As a new hire recently, how was the experience of joining and overcoming?

My experience of boarding the plane was amazing. A sales and development development team was organized every day (and every hour), with set goals at the end of the month, which really keeps you involved and focused. During the ramp period after boarding the plane, my mentor and principal were there (without judgment) in every corner, whether it was to answer questions, offer support for discovery calls, demonstration support, or even be an ear to weird nonsense or vent! These professionals are amazing, and stay by your side even in the most uncomfortable situation for you. It creates such a strong bond, and manages a much better and stronger account.

If you were not in sales, what would you do?

I’m a fitness and wellness expert, so maybe a seller in this place. I love to sell, so unless I’m below a meter and a half tall, I’ll always sell!

Learn more about a career in enterprise sales at HubSpot On our site. And you can meet more of the company’s sales team, Dan and Hana, In the career blog.


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