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UConn empowers people from different ethnic backgrounds and heritage to share their stories and express their cultural traditions. Of all the diverse ethnic groups, the Indigenous and Indigenous Heritage Group is one of the fastest growing on campus. Due to the growth, UConn has started offering special courses and minors to provide insight and knowledge to students about the heritage of the natives and natives. All of these suggestions are available to any student to disseminate information and appreciation to the larger UConn population.

UConn’s Department of Anthropology offers a number of 3000-level courses around the subject, covering contemporary Native Americans, North American cultures, the Pacific Islands and indigenous rights. Learning about these topics is important because it broadens and diversifies the horizons we see in other people’s backgrounds. It creates an appreciation for the history that has led us to our present day. Through this education, UConn can become a more welcoming and welcoming campus; When people are exposed to a particular subject and educated on it, they are less likely to see it as different or strange.

It is also possible to get a minor in Native American and Native Studies through the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences. Class selection extends to the fields of anthropology, classics, English, history, and political science, and students must complete credits from at least three of these subjects in order to receive the minor. In addition, one UNIV class is proposed with the task of creating a discussion on ways to make the community more native-friendly and exploring what it means to be indigenous or indigenous.

To review the said courses, go to UConn Course Catalog.

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