Describe Yourself in 5 Words During An Interview

When it comes to a job interview, you have a lot of preparatory work to do. While it is impossible to know every question that will be asked, the good news is that there are many common questions that recruiters managers tend to ask.

One of them is “Describe yourself in 5 words”. But if you are not willing to give a solid answer, this request may throw you off track.

here 15 possible words to describe yourself (And 16 words not to use!). We also include some tips from our interview preparation experts that you should keep in mind so that you feel completely prepared for this question:

Describe yourself in 5 words

15 best adjectives to describe yourself

When preparing your response, you will need descriptive adjectives (i.e. a word or phrase that gives a name to a feature about yourself) that summarize you briefly. Consider using the following adjectives to describe yourself.

  • flexible
  • hard work
  • perpetual
  • reliable
  • enthusiastic
  • Comment
  • Analytical
  • Sure
  • encouraging
  • Full of motivation
  • friendly
  • creative
  • systematic
  • Handsome
  • diverse

But listing these adjectives alone is not enough to stand out to recruiting executives. Tell the interviewer why you chose these words and back up your claims with strong, story-based examples.

Hint: Make sure the words and stories describe you and are also relevant to the role.

Make five adjectives and examples of a cohesive answer

Unless the interviewer gives you less time, Takes about two to four minutes Write down five words that describe you and then share examples of why you represent each one.

For example, you might be applying for a remote marketing manager position. This is how you can describe yourself in five words:

I would say I am motivated, analytical, creative, encouraging and friendly.

Motivation came naturally to me and I would always start. During my first six months with XYZ Company, I proposed the idea for a 15-day virtual event all day long to promote our company on a global level. The management team liked the idea and I led a team of ten people to conduct the conference. This included working with vendors to purchase and install new technology when our video conferencing system crashed the day before the event. We had over 500 participants and the event was featured on Marketing Today.

I have always enjoyed the analytical side of marketing as well. I keep looking at numbers to tell a story. For example, to improve our per-recipient revenue at XYZ, I analyzed the KPIs within Mailchimp to understand why customers click on links in our emails but do not buy products. I then segmented our email lists by mixed levels and created a custom content plan. Receiver income improved by $ 10 within 3 months.

I am also creative and enjoy developing brand guidelines and customer personas to build attractive marketing campaigns. As the Junior Marketing Director of ALL MARKETING Agency, I developed the “Countdown Launch” campaign for X Client to promote the launch of their new HR software. This campaign was in line with NASA’s rocket launch and included a live on – site count, email and social media strategy, and a product launch event / launch party. We had more than 5,000 pre-launch registrations and earned $ 30,000 in sales on launch day.

Finally, I am encouraging and friendly with everyone I meet. Over the past four years I have managed between three and 15 marketing teams. Early on, I realized the need for positive weekly emails to update the team on company progress and acknowledge them for their contribution. I scheduled 1: 1 monthly meetings with each of my team members.

These sessions included listening, providing critical growth feedback and highlighting 2-3 areas in which the member excelled that month. I am extroverted in the soul and enjoy interacting with others. In addition to my team, I have always interacted well with other departments, which has helped me collaborate effectively and excel as a marketing manager!

Notice how this answer is very descriptive. It is loaded with examples that also pertain to the role.

Sharing the answer will take about two to four minutes. You may feel you need 30 minutes to express yourself, but you will chart an interviewer more if your answers are concise and clearly answer the question.

Practice answering “Describe yourself in five words” before your interview to ensure your response is tight and clear.

16 adjectives to avoid

Not all words are created equal. Do not list vague, precise or general words to describe yourself. And stay away from business jargon like “customer-focused” and “extensive experience.”

These words do not say much. They do not describe how your thought works and will not impress the recruiting manager (especially since many candidates tend to use them). Also, avoid words that may be perceived as negative.

Here are examples of bad adjectives (or Tags, if you):

  • are good
  • superstar
  • stubborn person
  • open hearted
  • Perfectionist
  • talented
  • modest
  • Contact a person
  • Obsessive
  • unique
  • a lot of experience
  • intelligent
  • Customer focused
  • Results-oriented
  • seasoned
  • driven

In short, do not confuse your answer with vague words. Choosing your adjectives is important so be prepared with strong choices and well-thought-out responses.

More tips when asked to describe yourself in 5 words

Take the question seriously.

While this question may not seem challenging on the surface, do not underestimate its importance. Recruitment managers ask questions for some reason, so be sure to put your best foot forward. Make sure you take the question seriously, just as you would any other question. Hint: Never answer, “I do not know.” Or “I’m not sure.”

Be honest with your answer.

You want to place yourself in the best light. However, do not overdo it and exaggerate in your features and do not list the ones that do not match your strengths simply because it may make you look good. Instead, think about the requirements for the job and how your unique qualities can best be met.

Ask family and friends.

If you are still unsure what words describe you, ask a family member or friend. Maybe they can offer you more insight into how others see you and how you can best describe yourself.

Make a list.

It is best to start writing your thoughts when thinking about how to answer this question. Do not edit yourself in any way. Keep writing until you can think of other features you want to emphasize. Then start editing until you have the five leaders that best represent you for that specific job.

prepared? Describe yourself in 5 words.

A recruiting manager asks you to describe yourself in 5 words to determine if you are self-aware and a real candidate. They also want to know how you think.

Use this question as an opportunity to ponder who you really are for the employer (and why you are the best candidate for the job!).

Need more help preparing for your next interview?

Contact Interview preparation Team b ResumeSpice. We know what recruitment managers expect from top candidates and can help you prepare better so that you can be successful in your next interview. Learn more by contacting our team at 832,930.7378 Or by Contact us online.



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