Detaching from Outcomes – Answer the Call to Conscious Leadership

The theme of the event answered the call for conscious leadership of the month focused on disconnecting from results. The more I thought about this topic, which was chosen by the C3 community as usual, the more questions arose.

In my journey to get a panel member to join Dr. Cunningham, I have talked to many people with diverse perspectives on this topic, based on their personal experience. I was represented by their perspectives by a proxy, even though I knew Doc was about to provide his own, thus opening up a whole host of new ways of seeing it. He definitely provided!

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We discussed:

✷ What does disconnection mean?

✷ Who or what is affected whether we disconnect or not?

✷ How is this reflected in our work and relationship?

✷ How can I disconnect results in parallel with KPIs and metrics related to organizational goals, or does this, by its nature, necessitate the absence of these things?

✷ What are the two initial features that seem to be inherent in disconnection, and what is the opposite?

✷ How can we balance the disconnection from the results while creating the alignment of our journey?

✷ Without measuring results, how can we measure success?

✷ How can disconnection result and liability exist in parallel?

✷ Is it a journey or a destination?

✷ How can you maintain focus without linking to results?

✷ How can we activate our three human assets (reading, purpose and passion) to promote growth?

You will also learn Doc’s amazing analogy for GPS navigation with respect to disconnecting results.

I would be happy to continue this conversation for at least another 30 minutes to talk about the scientific method, and the necessity and standard in the scientific community, where publications are peer-reviewed, to break away from the result by proving the hypothesis. How much could we really trust science if we did? How can it be varied to suit different cultures?

This has certainly turned out to be a thought-provoking investigation of disconnecting results. I would love to continue the conversation by hearing what you think of it.

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Karen Holler, CEO of Epic Careering, is the co – founder of Consciousness Conference (ConConCon) and C3 Community: Corporate Consciousness Co-op on LinkedIn. She is the creator of the Ripples Program of Corporate Consciousness and author A sharp laser career focus: Find your goal and passion within 30 days. She founded Epic Careering, a conscious career development and leadership company specializing in executive branding, talent-alignment and conscious culture, in 2006.

While the bulk of Ms. Holler’s 20 years of professional experience has been in the recruitment and employment industry, her publications, presentations and coaching also draw from personal development, performance, broadcasting, marketing and sales experience. Its solutions combine breakthroughs in neuroscience, human performance optimization, bioenergetics and psychology to help leaders accelerate relationships, expand impact and increase engagement and productivity while maintaining business and the planet’s sustainability.

Ms. Holler was one of the first instructors on LinkedIn and is well known for her ability to identify and develop new trends. She is a certified professional resume writer, a certified career counselor, and a certified clinical hypnosis therapist, with a bachelor’s degree in communication and theater studies from Ursinus College and a master’s degree in creative writing. its Blog Recognized as the top 100 career blogs worldwide by Feedspot.

Ms. Holler was an Associate Professor in the Department of Communication at the University of Cabrini and an Associate Professor of Career Management and Professional Development at the Department of Business Administration at Drexel University. As an instructor at the Academy for Young Entrepreneurs, she helped two of her students win the 2018 National Competition to be selected for America’s Next Leading Young Entrepreneurs, win the 2019 People’s Choice Award, and land among the top 8 during a (virtual) 2020 national competition.

She serves on the board of the Upper Merion Community Center, which she helped establish, and is a consultant to the International University of Florida for the Women in Leadership Program. For her service as Vice President of Elementary PTC in the Gulf, she has been recognized as a partner and promoter of public education by the Upper Marion Area Education Association. Mrs. Holler has also been the lead singer of Harpers Perry, a rock cover band, for 20 years. She lives in King Prussia, PA with her husband, two daughters and many pets, furry, feathered and scaly.

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