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Published: September 10, 2021 by Gillian Collins

Top management is the process of learning your boss’s management and communication preferences, and then tailoring your workplace communications to support those preferences. Clear communication between all team members is one of the cornerstones of excellent working relationships that enable teams to achieve the goals of the organization. The same is true of your relationship with your boss.

Mindfulness and management

If you have just been hired and you are entering a new work environment, this is the perfect opportunity to announce that you have valuable knowledge, abilities and skills. Equally important, you are now in a position to create a great working relationship with your new boss. To move forward, start small.

  • Observe the patterns. Determine the method most commonly used by your administrator to communicate with you (e.g., emails, slack messages, text messages, etc.). With fewer face-to-face interactions in some workplaces, it can be more difficult to read clues to nonverbal communication. Check if there is already a directive that needs to be followed according to how to communicate in the best way in the workplace.
  • Timing is everything. If you want to communicate with your manager one on one, let him know first and ask if he has a good time available – and give him some options like day, date and time. Look how much – or how little – you call. At first, it is difficult to control the balance of information you provide. It is advisable to consult with the boss from time to time during these first months to see if he gets the information they need from you and in the format that is most suitable for them.
  • to bridge the gap. Really think about how you communicate best. Then look at patterns you have seen with your manager and consider how your ideal communication style can best fit your manager’s expectations. You need to adjust to meet your manager in the middle.

Manage Down (and get out!) With Toxic Bosses

People do not leave bad jobs – they leave bad bosses. Bad bosses create bad jobs. Your reputation everywhere works on the line. You’ll have to find a new job (run down) if you have a bad boss influence.

  • Gossip and harassment. If your boss is gossiping about another employee, leave. If they gossip about you, they will gossip about you. Examining a co-worker to harass because you want to appease and impress your boss is never cool. You are hurting your reputation and hurting another person as well.
  • drama. If everything is emergency and starts to look less like a profession and more like an episode of real housewives, leave. It is inevitable with the above, and may take a little longer to come to terms with. If everything is a catastrophe, you really can not fix it.
  • Do you feel safe? Any boss or workplace where you feel insecure, should leave as soon as possible. Your professional reputation is important, but always prioritize your safety. Get ready for a new job when you find yourself in a terrible place.

Experience leadership to become a leader

When you practice management, you also work on a variety of highly useful interpersonal communication skills. Observing leadership behavior can teach you what – and what not – to do. Maybe you are a leader in an organization at some point in your career, so now is a great time to look at the impact of different types of management approaches. Match your style to one that encourages both productivity and creativity, and you will likely get a high-performance, high-energy team. This is upward mobility from top management!

A quick jot from Gillian

Why should you pay attention to this trend, and how might it affect how you work with your manager? Because right now, you’re working on your master’s degree and working hard on honing your art and technical skills, which will help you advance in your career. Do not neglect the practice of your people’s skills, which includes management. This is a skill that requires constant adjustment and redesign of your expectations.

Management is one of the most important skills I have ever learned. This is a trend that benefits me, you and our profession.

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