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Here is my opinion: I always recommend writing a cover letter. Of course, there are always times when you will not need or will not need to.

I get this question from customers a lot, and there is a wide range of opinions on cover letters out there! People often think they are outdated and irrelevant, or maybe recruiters don’t even bother to read them. They may ask what a cover letter adds to their overall request, or argue that the length of time it takes to customize and write a cover letter is not worth it.

  • Can you find a job without writing a cover letter? Sure, of course, you can – no one said it was impossible.
  • Is it true that recruiters and HR people do not always read them? Yes!
  • Does it take them a long time? They can … even though they do not have to.
  • Are they outdated and irrelevant? No! They can help you.

A well-tailored and well-written cover letter can set your job application apart from the rest. However, some situations make an introductory letter even more critical.

Cover letters are essential in providing additional information i.e. No In the resume.

If you are navigating a career transition, and the position you are applying for is not an exact match to your previous background, you can use the cover letter to explain why your skills are appropriate and what you can bring to the position. In addition, you can use the cover letter to explain why you are interested in the job. These are all specific details that a resume cannot provide.

If you have a gap in your resume (this usually applies to gaps over a year), you can use the cover letter to explain why you have a gap. A brief explanation of one sentence will do the job, followed by a description of your motives and what will bring to the table.

This can apply to any other situation where you may feel that the resume does not answer all the questions that a recruitment manager or human resources professional may have.

Get Specific: Cover letters can differentiate you from other candidates by accurately demonstrating how you can contribute to the company. Or shows exactly why you want to work there.

If you send the same cover letter to any company, it’s true maybe it does not matter much. To really make an impact, you will need to customize your cover letter for each position you apply for.

Think about how you can demonstrate your ability to contribute to society. Review the description and ask yourself what the employer is really looking for. What makes you have unique skills, while skills specifically Can you bring to the table? For example, have you worked on similar projects? Have you used the same types of software? Do you have industry-specific knowledge or customer base? It can really help to ask yourself why the company is recruiting for this position and how you will be able to fulfill this need for the benefit of the company.

You will also stand out if you prove that you are interested and really motivated to work in the company. So ask yourself why you are interested in working there. Again, you will have to accept specific about it. Does the company have a new and exciting project work you would like to be involved in? You always wanted to work at [X] The domain and responsibilities in the job look exactly what you want? Is there anything specific about company or industry values ​​that makes you want to work there? Maybe it’s more about the company founder or management team? Whatever it is, being specific about WHY will help you stand out.

The good news: If you’re creating a great template for the types of jobs you’re looking for, it should not be difficult to quickly create a custom cover letter and demonstrate why you’re the best person for the job.

Want to learn more about resume writing and cover letter writing services? I also like to share my latest tips when it comes to careers, resumes and interviews … so check out my blog to read more!



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