Do you need to make a career transition?

If you had to describe your career with one emoji, what would it be? While this may be too simple a way to describe your career, all professionals should take the time to evaluate their current career path to make sure they are in the right shape. Life is too short to stay in a job you do not really enjoy. But how do you know if you need to make a career transition?

We work with mid-career professionals every day, helping them discover what brings them fulfillment that we truly care about. You do not have to wait for the new year to determine if so Really fulfilled And challenged at work. We want to share some tips that can help you get started.

Consider the impact of COVID on your career. When considering whether you feel satisfaction in your career or whether you need to make a career transition, it is important to remember that the epidemic has affected most industries. This has affected processes and the way we have worked with clients and colleagues. Did you feel satisfaction in your career before these changes? Will you feel satisfied when things in your industry move after the COVID? Has your career path been permanently affected by the plague? If the place you want to be in 10 years in your current career path is no longer possible, do you feel happy with the alternative?

Consider why you are in your career. Why did you choose your current career path? Sometimes professionals choose a career because of family influence, high salary or a sense of commitment. Although all of these have a certain value, if you choose a career based solely on someone else’s sense of fulfillment, it will not be suitable in the long run. So ask yourself if you are in your career for Correct reason Or the wrong reason. The best reason for choosing a career is that it matches your values. And your values ​​can change over time, making it important to evaluate your career path regularly. If your career does not match your values, you may need to make a career transition.

Consider whether your career uses your strengths. Another factor that influences career fulfillment is the use of our strengths. How often do you use your strengths in your current career path? Your strengths are the things that come naturally to you. You should also enjoy using these strengths. You may find that math comes to you easily, but that does not necessarily mean that you want to work with mathematical formulas on a regular basis. You can find satisfaction and happiness in what you do at work.

Take time to document the above points and talk to a friend, mentor or career coach. At Create Your Career Path, we use our ideal trademark career model to help you formulate a framework and streamline your thinking. Schedule a free consultation with us today.


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