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Overcome your tendency to overwork

How can you develop habits that will help you create a good work-life balance and avoid burnout? You need to start by understanding why you are working too hard in the first place. Ask yourself: Do you just follow the lead of the workaholic boss? Do you think working long hours will help you move forward? Are you trying to prove to others that you are working hard? Does being busy make you feel important? Then, make small changes to regain some control over your time. Try to leave work on time (or early!) Two days a week to do something you love. Let your boss not always be available after work to respond to his emails. And if you are able, be selective about the projects you take on, attack the ones that will help you grow. It may also be helpful to redefine your free time – this is not unproductive time, this is the time that helps you recharge. Finally, if you are unable to move toward the work-life balance you want, you may want to reconsider whether you are in the right job or industry.

This tip is adapted from “Why young professionals should give priority to rest over work By Marcello Russo and Iana Lupo

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