Eight of the best Black Friday deals on courses 2021

Black Friday is coming…

And with some exclusive limited time deals, finding the best deals can feel like finding a needle in a haystack. Luckily, we did all the hard work for you – and found the best deals on this Black Friday courses.

Here are eight of the top professions you can get less certification for: This Black Friday:

Project management courses

What is available? Thousands of discounted project management courses that allow you to achieve certified skills in everything from Six Sigma and PMI to PRINCE2® and ITIL®.

Why study project management? PRINCE2® and ITIL® have become an essential measure of capability for anyone looking for a project management role that enhances your career prospects as well as earning potential. And because the certifications expire quickly, you can be certified within days.

Perfect for: People who did all the work in group projects.

Leading promotions: God Project management placement program For £ 895 (was £ 1,495) and the PRINCE2® Foundation and Practitioner Courses Inc. Exams and instructor For £ 496 (was £ 964) m ITonline learning.

How much will I save? Up to 48%.

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Change management courses

What is available? A variety of discounted professional courses for change management, both at the foundation level and at the practitioner level.

Why learn change management? Change Management® skills are well known and sought after in the areas of change management, project management and business management. By getting a certification, you can increase your career chances, not to mention stand out to employers.

Perfect for: People who are not afraid of change.

Leading promotions: God Change Management® Foundation & Practitioner Course (with exams) For £ 548 (was £ 1,090) and the Basic course in change management (with exam) For £ 262 (was £ 570) m Global balance.

How much will I save? Up to 50%.

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Mental health courses

What is available? A variety of mental health courses and counseling, allowing you to explore areas such as anxiety, autism, mental health law, child mental health and more and more.

Why study mental health? Understanding and caring for your own and others’ mental health is extremely important – both in your personal life and at work. As a result, employers are actively looking for candidates who can bring these hard and soft skills to their team – whether it be as a leader, manager, co-worker or friend.

Perfect for: People who put mental health first.

Great deal: God Level 3 Certificate in Understanding Mental Health For £ 360 (was £ 450) and the Level 3 Certificate in Understanding Autism For £ 360 (was £ 450) m Skills Network.

How much can I save? 20%.

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IT courses

What is available?

What is available? Courses in a variety of professions, whether you want to study code, are interested in ethical hacking or cyber security, or you want to gain skills in cloud computing.

Why study IT? IT skills are becoming more and more in demand as technology advances, making jobs in this field huge, not to mention future proof. By getting a certification, you will be able to demonstrate all of these important skills to employers, and increase your chances of getting the job you want.

Perfect for: People who want to get acquainted with technology.

Great deal: God BCS Foundation Certificate in Business Analysis For £ 395 (was £ 549) and the BCS Essentials Certificate in Artificial Intelligence For £ 325 (was £ 495) m e-Careers.

How much will I save? Up to 34%.

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Accounting courses

What is available? Level 2, 3 and 4 AAT courses, in accounting and bookkeeping, as well as CPD courses that will help you develop your skills.

Why study accounting? With a certification like AAT, you can exceed the average salary in the industry. And yes, by obtaining an internationally recognized certification, you will be able to acquire practical accounting skills that you can apply in your day-to-day role – making jobs in the field more available.

Perfect for: People who can calculate the best deals.

Great deal: God Level 2 AAT Fund Certificate in Accounting For £ 425 (was £ 520) and the AAT levels 2, 3 and 4 For £ 1,295 (was £ 1,695) m e-Careers.

How much will I save? Up to 24%.

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Copywriting courses

What is available? A variety of discounted copywriting courses, which allow you to gain skills in website promotion, Microsoft Word, social media marketing, journalism, proofreading and more.

Why study copywriting? Copywriting skills are extremely diverse, and are used in a wide variety of sectors. This makes them useful in almost any industry – even if writing is not your primary responsibility. Obtaining certification will especially help increase your employment ability in marketing, advertising, technical and creative writing and SEO roles.

Perfect for: People who have a way with words.

Great deal: God Copywriting Course (Diploma Level 4) For £ 247.25 (was £ 494.50) and the Proofreading and Copying Course (QLS Level 4) For £ 247.25 (was £ 494.50) m Media and Publishing College.

How much will I save? 50%.

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Health courses

What is available? A number of health courses at discounted prices, from social care, nursing and welfare, to psychology, dementia and end-of-life care.

Why study health services? A career in healthcare is extremely rewarding. No matter what field you work in – whether it’s care, nursing or anything else – you will make a real difference in people’s lives. By taking a health course, you will be able to develop your skills in a particular area of ​​expertise, and ultimately improve the level of care you can give your patients.

Perfect for: People who want to help people.

Great deal: God Level 3 certificate in the principles of end-of-life care For £ 295.20 (was £ 369) and the Level 3 Certificate in understanding the principles of dementia treatment For £ 319.20 (was £ 399) m Skills Network.

How much will I save? 20%.

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Free courses

What is available? Over 230 free courses in everything from mental health, fashion and sports, to media, IT and marketing.

Why take a free course? Learning a free course is a great way to develop your skills and stand out from the crowd. Whether you are learning office skills, renewing your IT skills, or learning the basics of human resources, it will demonstrate your motivation, dedication and overall suitability for recruiters in a number of areas.

Perfect for: People who want to study for free.

Leading promotions: God Level 2 mental health course for children and youth, And Level 2 Essential IT Skills Course Free, m vision2learn

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