Episode 158: Changing Careers And Challenging The Status Quo With LegalEdge

In today’s episode I talk to two amazing guests – Donna Sewell and Helen Goldberg. They both share their journeys, which led them to leave the traditional legal route and set up the business called LegalEdge. They share what they are doing now to enable flexible work and opportunities for lawyers to work in a different and influential way.

What you will learn:

  • It takes time to create the ideal business model
  • There is no such thing as failure – either you win or you learn
  • Making sure your team is happy will lead to faster growth as a company

Donna shares, they set up LegalEdge to help businesses that need an in-house attorney on a flexible basis and did not want to hire. Donna has worked at home for a number of technology companies for a number of years. During this time they began to think of a business model that would allow for flexible work and opportunities for lawyers.

After being fired during maternity leave, Helen was eager to do something different so she joined Donna to help her grow the business.

I asked Donna and Helen “How challenging was it to develop a model that was not the traditional model of the law firm that everyone follows?”

Donna emphasizes “it was quite challenging as it took some time to think about the model and how it would work and not just do things the same way as any law firm did at the time. It gets easier as time goes on and it feels like less of an immigration battle in terms of the education process.”

LegalEdge was a remote and fully functioning company that advocated a flexible way of working before Cubid and continues to lead the way with the first culture of its people.

Donna says they were committed to finding different ways to do things and making people aware that if they are not happy, they can do something about … 13 years later and they are still influencing and enjoying it.

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