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Online firefighting assessment tests in the UK

No matter what fire and rescue service you want to join in the UK, you will have to pass a number of written aptitude tests to be accepted for recruitment. These tests are designed to assess your cognitive skills in a number of areas, and allow recruiters to assess your suitability for the non-physical side of the job.

As a firefighter, you need to be able to make the right decisions under serious time constraints, and make use of many skills such as mathematical talent and situational awareness. As such, recruiters are eager to test these skills during the infamous difficult recruitment process.

Most services do this through the National Fire Extinguishing Capability (NFA) tests, which consist of the following:

  • Working test with numbers;
  • Understanding test information;
  • Test awareness of the situation and problem solving;
  • Mechanical reasoning test;
  • National Firefighters Questionnaire.

Many forces are now choosing to host these tests online. Read on to learn more about each of the online firefighters assessment tests.

Online Assessment of Firefighter: Working with Numbers

This multiple-choice test assesses your ability to understand and work with numerical information that a firefighter may experience while fulfilling his or her role.

The test requires candidates to perform combinations of addition, subtraction, multiplication and division as well as evaluations of numerical data.

Sample question

A firefighter entered the fire at 19.09 and had 47 minutes of air in the Galilee. The time now is 19.20. How much air do they have left?

A) 32 minutes
B) 33 minutes
C) 34 minutes
D) 35 minutes
E) 36 minutes


E) 36 minutes.

11 minutes have now passed since the firefighter entered the building (19.20 – 19.09).

Subtract 11 minutes from the total amount of air that was in the Galilee when they went into the fire (47).

47 -11 = 36 minutes.

Online Assessment of Firefighter: Understanding Information

The information comprehension test is designed to assess a candidate’s ability to learn and retain information. Firefighters should be able to learn job-specific information and be able to store this information so that they can use it during training and while attending operational events.

During this test you will be presented with a written passage or video and it is your job to understand the information provided and answer a number of questions directly related to the material.

It is important to take the content to face value and not use conclusions or external knowledge to arrive at your answer.

Sample question

Fire stations are usually based in rural areas where an entire fire station would not be economical. The held firefighters wear a pager during their duty, which allows them to alert you to a fire or incident from the central control center of the fire services. Once the pager is turned on, the protected firefighter will proceed to the fire station, where he or she will raise the fire truck before proceeding to the incident. The role of a reserved firefighter requires a high level of flexibility, dedication and commitment.

That. Held firefighters are required to wear personal protective equipment, just like their fellow firefighters at all times.


B) A lie

C) It is impossible to say


C) It is impossible to say

There is no information in the section on personal protective equipment at all times or held firefighters are required to wear.

Online Assessment of Firefighter: Awareness of the situation and problem solving

The awareness and problem-solving test assesses the applicant’s ability to ensure the safety of others and others and to measure his or her ability to use the information to solve problems.

The test requires candidates to read scenarios that a firefighter can expect to deal with. There will be four alternative answers to choose from and you must choose the answer that most accurately reflects how you would react to the situation.

Sample question

A colleague in the fire services was absent due to illness and she missed an investigation into an important operational incident that highlighted a number of important changes in procedures. what would you do?

A) Explain to her immediately what the changes are and make it clear that she fully understands them.
B) Notify your line manager of her absence so he can tell her what they are.
C) Do nothing. She will probably find out about the changes through other co-workers or while she is on duty.
D) Wait for a tea break before notifying her. Then there will be more time to explain what the changes are.


A) Explain to her immediately what the changes are and make it clear that she fully understands them.

It is important to inform her immediately about the changes.

This question addresses the PQA of openness to change: “Demonstrates an understanding of the need for change within the Fire and Rescue Service (e.g. explaining the reasons for new practices to colleagues absent from briefings).”

Online Assessment of Firefighter: Mechanical Understanding

Some fire and rescue services in the UK have chosen to apply a mechanical comprehension test. It is important to check with the service you are applying to to find out what tests you will pass during their recruitment process.

Mechanical comprehension tests are used to assess a candidate’s ability to work with and understand mechanical concepts.

Many mechanical comprehension tests require you to concentrate on ‘mechanical principles’ rather than calculations, and as such will include diagrams and pictures as part of the question.

For example, you may be shown a diagram of a series of gears and asked which direction a specific gear rotates based on the rotation of a nearby gear. Other questions may be about ‘mechanical advantage’, or about simple pulley systems.

Sample question

How much force is required to lift the bucket?

How2Become Mechanical Understanding Example QuestionA) 100 kg
B) 50 kg
C) 25 kg
D) 10 kg


B) 50 kg

The pulley system has only one support rope so the mechanical advantage is one.

Online Assessment for Firefighters: National Firefighters Questionnaire

During the firefighter selection process you will be required to fill out a questionnaire. The purpose of this questionnaire is to determine your attitude, motives and opinions in relation to situations centered on personal traits and attributes.

There are no correct or incorrect answers to the questions, but the questionnaire should be taken seriously as it will be used to determine if your application will be successful or not.

Sample question

As for change, I believe things should not be fixed if they are not broken.

  • totally agree
  • to agree
  • Disagree or disagree
  • Disagree
  • Strongly disagree

Although there is no right or wrong answer to any of the questionnaire questions, it is important to remember that change in any organization is important and support for change is essential to the role of firefighter.

Ideally, you would choose Disagree or Strongly disagree To such a question.

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