Forget Resolutions. Success Starts With Mindset Revolution

This is a new year and a great time to get into your own career. For my clients who have run their careers and stayed with productive thoughts, they see great results. Hear their success stories and get inspired to do a job you love.

Craig Zabransky's head shotMy guest will also inspire you to follow your dreams. Corporate consultant became tourism writer Craig Zabransky m Stay adventurous Shares how he stays in a productive mood even while staying at home. He will share tips from his new book, “Gifts from the road” – 13 souvenirs for trips and takeaway dishes from 13 different adventures that Craig experiences around the world.

This short reading will not only entertain you, but also change your mood and make you want to see the world again with renewed enthusiasm. Listen to Craig as he translates one of his favorite mini-epics into lessons we can all take to heart in our lives and careers.

Resources in this chapter:

If love is not a word you associate with work right now, do not worry, this month’s career tip is about the motivational power of perspective and will help you leave, love or change any job or job challenge you face.

Check out my latest brain series and join a support group designed to help you maintain productive thinking focused on success in 2021 and beyond!

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