From MBA Intern to the Accelerated Leadership Program at HubSpot

When I visited HubSpot headquarters in the fall of 2019 as my first year in business administration at MIT Sloan, I focused on a few things:

  1. Understanding the Accelerated Leadership Program (ALP)
  2. Talks with current ALP members
  3. Checking the snacks in the office

At the time, I envisioned moving beyond part of my personal MBA program to specialize in a product at a mission-driven technology company. As a former management consultant, I knew I needed to go to a place where I could lean heavily on my strategy and operations skills set.

I also knew I wanted to understand how SaaS operates and works close to the product, helping to imagine and build the things that give value to the customer. What it looks like – product management, a market-going strategy – is what I was hoping to test in the next stage of my career. I got the summer internship at HubSpot because I felt they would challenge me but support me during this transition.

The events of Spring 2019 changed the way I thought about my career.

Instead of focusing only on what Of my work, I noticed more how I was working while watching HubSpot and other companies change and improve old assumptions to meet the challenges of an uncertain and evolving future. Will this be a place that can enable my professional and personal growth even as the ground moves beneath us all?

The short answer: yes.

Between masked walks during the kind summer of Cambridge, I saw up close how my colleagues at HubSpot brought a very autonomous culture to a virtual community. I learned how HubSpot builds a new product offering and contributed to it myself. I talked to HubSpot clients, asked managers random questions in Ask-Me-Anything meetings (AMAs, anguish from the perfect GIFs on Slack, and developed a strong admiration for HubSpot’s leadership as they navigated the uncertainty of a global epidemic.

HubSpot ALP _ specializes in HH

Most importantly, I realized that my daily interactions with HubSpotters – consistently brilliant, honest and courteous in the face of both professional and personal ambiguity – defined how Of working in HubSpot.

This match between what I want to do and how I want to work is why I got the full-time ALP role. I’m currently in my first round, helping a product team think about HubSpot’s strategy around messaging.

Looking ahead, I have some hypotheses about how my other rounds might look. And I’m especially excited to be a part of HubSpot’s next growth phase with a female CEO.

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