Gearing up for a summer of BIG moves!

We’re finally settling into the real spring in Brooklyn – and it feels like new beginnings and possibilities are starting to blossom.

One of these exciting and beautiful seedlings on the horizon is a collaboration with Park Slope parents on a career transition panel.

We are going to share stories of five women who made great career moves during the plague.

Some have moved on to new roles, some have built thriving portfolio careers in which they work on a number of projects of their choice, and one has entered a new level of leadership in her current role – which has inevitably changed the type of work, respect and opportunities it attracts.

When I reached out to former clients to attend the panel, they got back to me within 24 hours with an immediate yes. They will be happy to share their stories to help other women go through this process (building resilience)!

First, I thought, the women in my community are strong and supportive and so generous to share their stories.

And later, I realized –damn it– I have helped many women this year to go through significant internal and external obstacles and pursue careers based on their desires. I’m more proud of this job.

If you are willing to make some big moves in your career, I currently have two 1: 1 training places left.

Remember, when you sign up for aPrivate training package 1: 1You get:

  • Six 60-minute virtual sessions

  • Access to the entire framework of my career path (videos and exercises that guide you through the step-by-step process)

  • Curriculum Vitae Review and LinkedIn Profile

  • Email support throughout the 3 months we work together

Here is the link for more informationPrivate training– or if you are ready to jump, you can purchase a packageHere.

And for those of you who have worked with me in the past and want a deliberate session, I now offer them as well. You can keep this link within reach and whenever you need your improvement, you can purchase a one-time meeting and schedule a time that suits youHere.


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