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Human resources professionals work hard to reduce these, while leading diversity, inclusion and ability for the future. For some, career development has stalled because they have focused on firefighting, whether for survival, or to meet unprecedented customer demand.

But now is the time to make sure your people invest – and hone your career development offer to make sure it supports both recovery and growth.

Our recent conversations with HR leaders suggest that many are re-evaluating their career proposal to address these challenges.

1. New career offers

problem: The epidemic has led many workers to question the suitability of their work, the opportunities they see and their future. This has led to a loss of talent when employees resign. At the same time, companies are having difficulty recruiting in a crowded labor market. Some, who were forced to release workers during the plague, now need to be recruited quickly to survive.

solution: Organizations tell us they are competing to offer the most creative and enticing career offers that work to attract and retain talent. Job offers as packaged “career experiences” supported by a career development program such as Be Bold in your Career is one way to attract and retain.

2. Inclusion

problem: Human resource leaders work hard to ensure non-bias recruitment and promotion processes. However, it is more difficult to influence more subjective areas of development – such as stretching opportunities, advocacy and even talent recognition – to ensure they are inclusive..

solution: Significant change requires multiple interventions. One simple action is to use career development coaching that gives everyone the skills to grow their own career. A good online program prevents inclusion by empowering everyone to promote their brand and unique skills, develop their network of career supporters and be prepared to take advantage of future opportunities. Combining with an inclusive career strategy[2] Destroy cultural borders and barriers.

3. Reunification for a common future

problem: We live in times of uncertainty and this underlies much of the stress that workers feel.

solution: An established way to relieve stress is by developing a personal agency[3]. Invest in employees to make them feel in control of their careers[4], Become more agile and can act for their future, are positive steps on the part of responsible organizations. Expandable career development intervention means that large groups of employees can be easily equipped to take ownership of their careers and experience greater job satisfaction[5].

While 2022 will undoubtedly pose new challenges, what is certain is that we should all be able to recover and grow at a pace. It’s a time for more action and less reflection.

Adding a few career-ready tools is a cost-effective way to solve human resource challenges, without having to redesign your entire offer. In less than 100 days, your employees were able to complete a career development from trees that helps your people’s strategy quickly become a reality. For more information on our open and customized programs, please contact us.







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