Have ADHD? How are things going for you at work? What about relationships?

If you have ADHD or to think You can – or if you live with someone who does – You know that ADHD can affect almost all areas of your life! These can include: school, career, communication, relationships, emotional regulation, money management, prioritization, decision making, planning, arriving on time, starting (versus procrastination) and performing tasks or projects. It can feel stunning!

Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder can affect some or all of our brain’s performance functions. These functions are called ‘managers’ because they organize, direct and manage many processes necessary for efficient functioning, as a manager does for a company.

If you have ADHD And feel stuck At a crossroads in your life, you can benefit ADHD training.

5 Tips for Successful ADHD Training:

  • Was willing to learn and use new ways of thinking and doing.
  • Use a scheduling and / or reminder tool. These are different for each person, so you will need to use ‘trial and error’ to see what works best for you.
  • Reduce distractions by removing clutter and reducing noise in the rooms where you spend most of your time.
  • Reduce procrastination by breaking down larger tasks / projects into individual bite-sized steps.
  • Teach yourself about the strengths of ADHD (yes, those do exist!) And the fact that it has nothing to do with intelligence. Although some think those with ADHD are more creative and creative. I’ll leave that to you to decide!

Because any person with ADHD can experience this in a slightly different way, I provide Custom Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder Training – Focus first on the areas that are most critical to you. And with my flexible step-by-step process and practical strategies, you can start using the techniques immediately – to help you make positive changes and gain control of your life.

I look forward to working with you on a customized training program that will help you set your priorities, set clear goals and develop a plan to achieve them.

To schedule a 15-minute introductory call or for a full 45- or 60-minute virtual consultation, contact MARILYN@FETTNERCAREERCONSULTING.COM or call 847-322-8292.

PS Want to know which celebrities have ADHD?

Look: https://www.healthline.com/health/adhd/celebrities#3.


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