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During my 15 years of coaching and running a business, I have been privileged to work with so many industry leaders, from startups to Fortune 100 companies. .

Since committing to this focus, my work has become exponentially more meaningful and satisfying. Now, as I look back on my year and reflect, I see that as a result of the work I do, conscious leaders are more influential and better placed to create conscious change for their organizations and the people around them. It drips in amazing ways, and I can see how my work not only makes the job better for more people, but also makes their lives better.

Here is a sample:

  • Since my returning client since 2015 has received further promotion at medical technology company Fortune 500 that is almost carbon neutral, customer complaints can be dealt with more quickly. In addition, feedback was given to product teams, leading to higher product efficiency and fewer complaints. In her new role, she will help coordinate quality management systems so that she meets consistently high standards globally.
  • Thanks to my partner in the country, I have coached a woman manager who is now working more collaboratively with her new CEO and current board to add diversity at the highest levels of leadership.
  • Thanks to my Australian partner, I have worked with a leader in engineering that reduces the risk of geotechnical projects. It also served as C3Chair of the ConCon Awareness Leadership Award Committee and taught the other members at C3 how to do more things with clear, directed and direct communication. I also saw another Australian client continue to expand her empowerment message to girls and women to pursue a career in STEM. She has served at least a dozen Panels and built her follow-up on future female superpowers STEM!
  • One of my clients in South Africa is a manager who has a team member who is developing a solution that will eliminate disposable plastic from packaging within 3-5 years. I can not take credit for that, but as the leader of his next team, he will trust their expertise and give them the opportunity and resources to solve similar problems affecting our planet. They will love him!
  • Another client of mine from South Africa has navigated some major changes by promoting her brand and being her bold self. This has put her on another team at her fintech company, where she no longer works on older generation products that are largely ignored by company leaders and customers alike, but provides blueprints for successful integration of AWS DevOps, the hottest and fastest growing cloud-based platform. She is now on a team where her experience and blunt voice are valued. She also avoided being recruited by a large, infamous bank, by making internal break-ins on the spot. She was almost caught – it was close. Wow!
  • I have also welcomed other returning customers, including one who is now an entrepreneur. I got the opportunity to support her in launching her luxury travel consulting firm, and my team and I also helped her son launch his new career!
  • Another returning client, whom I helped get accepted into the Union League about a decade ago, came back to help him assess potential changes in his career trajectory. I was able to help an old friend do that as well.
  • Sometimes, especially at times like these, so much changes so quickly that long-term plans are rejected. I moved a few clients from 2020 to 2021, which I think once they fulfill their short-term commitments, they are going to be completely replaceable. One of them is just too good, and she continues to get engaged for more work. In the meantime, we can take the time to create a vision for the future in which it makes precious and incredibly effective breakthroughs in behavioral health. She Help fund, research and present in academia, and then make these breakthroughs more visible and accessible to the people who really need them.
  • A bunch of my students from 2020 have been given roles that are in line with the goals they had before their world collapsed. Some are now also helping people navigate careers on their own! I have successfully duplicated my efforts, which means that each of these people will one day have such a year, and will take some credit for the changing career moves of their clients that are making the world a better place.
  • Over the past year I have also postponed working with people No Appreciates my process and whose purpose was not suited to the highest good. By not helping the former Fortune 100 CEO land in a private equity firm, I did not contribute to mass layoffs.

When I get to reflect on a year like this, I realize I have met some really talented and influential people through my work.

In addition, through the Community C3 And ConCon, I help bring together transformers just like me. And together, we will expand our influence and spread ripples of conscious leadership so that more people can reach their highest potential and leave a legacy that makes the planet a better place.

For all this year, I have been through Lawrence and Cynthia By my side, I even added a new staff member, Christine, to help me make sure all of these amazing people go to where they are happiest and most influential, even if it means staying in place.

Plus, I did it all from home, mostly. I have not attended any personal conference, tutorials or networking events, and yet, my influence has reached the whole world.

That’s pretty cool. I do hope to return to personal events this year, but I have also proven that it is not necessary. As long as I have my health, my mission, my fellow creative partners and my family, I will keep going.

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Karen Holler is the creator of Ripple Drawing of Corporate Consciousness and author A sharp laser career focus: Find your goal and passion within 30 days. She founded Epic Careering, a leadership and career development company specializing in executive branding and conscious culture, in 2006.

While the bulk of her 20 years of professional experience has been in the recruitment and employment industry, her publications, presentations and coaching also draw from her experience in personal development, performance, broadcasting, marketing and sales. Its solutions combine breakthroughs in neuroscience, human performance optimization, bioenergetics and psychology to help leaders accelerate relationships, expand impact and increase engagement and productivity while maintaining business and the planet’s sustainability.

Ms. Holler was one of the first instructors on LinkedIn and is well known for her ability to identify and develop new trends. She is a certified professional resume writer, a certified career counselor, and a certified clinical hypnosis therapist, with a bachelor’s degree in communication and theater studies from Ursinus College and a master’s degree in creative writing. its Blog Recognized as the Top 100 Career Blog in the World by Feedspot.

She was an Associate Professor in the Department of Communication at Cabrini University and an Associate Professor of Career Management and Professional Development at the University of Drexel University. As an instructor at the Academy for Young Entrepreneurs, she helped two of her students win the 2018 National Competition to be selected for America’s Next Leading Young Entrepreneurs, win the 2019 People’s Choice Award, and land among the top 8 during a (virtual) 2020 national competition.

She is the secretary of the board of the Upper Marion Community Center and has just finished serving as vice president of the Gulf Elementary PTC, for which she has been recognized as a partner and promoter of public education by the Upper Marion Area Education Association. She lives in the King of Prussia with her husband, two daughters and many pets, furry, feathered and scaly.

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