How I’m Recharging This Summer — Rachel B. Garrett

I rest.

I am the owner who this year has been exhausting.

I recognize that the direction of our country is worrying and I need time to reorganize before I put together an action plan on how I will do my part.

The year (so far) in business has been exciting and significant – and there have been many changes and launches of plans and growth.

My hunger to recharge is stronger now than last summer.

So I listen.

I’m not launching new programs. (She says with a deep breath.)

I am focused on my 1: 1 clients, sharing the beauty of my Elevator Pitch A bundle of summerPowerfully completes my current four-month career command shift cohort and guides my top three teams in their leadership growth.

Instead of launching new programs, I practice, meet friends and colleagues for lots of coffee, see art and theater and all the New York offerings I forget to adopt when I’m too busy and overwhelmed.

I lean towards anything that motivates me.

And I release the shame that naturally arises from the thoughts and fears that tell me – you are not doing enough! to do. to do. to do.

I did a lot. I’m doing enough. And I’ll do more when I rest.

How will you rest this summer? How will you recognize everything you have achieved in an intense moment in time? How will you listen to your hunger and release your shame – in whatever taste it appears now?


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