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As the leading Fortune 500 company and the No. 1 beauty company in the world, L’Oreal has established itself as an industry giant. For the 100+ years of their existence, L’Oreal has been a pioneer in existing initiatives, pushing boundaries and paving the way for some of the groundbreaking innovations in their field.

There are a number of factors that have contributed to L’Oreal building the legacy they have today, but one of the most influential is their dedication to recruiting only the most unique, motivated and enthusiastic minds in the job market. How do they do that you might ask? By creating an application process and interview that strives to reach people from all walks of life and from any demographic type.

While most potential candidates rarely get the chance to find out what to expect during the application and interview process, WayUp has had the opportunity to talk to some current recruiters at L’Oreal to offer a behind-the-scenes perspective on how you can secure a job at one of the world’s most innovative companies.

Demonstrate your passion

L’Oreal wants to know that you are passionate about something. It does not even have to be related to beauty or cosmetics necessarily!

Take for example Tangela Woodley, a talent acquisition manager who studied at the University of Michigan and was an active member of the campus student improv group. The recruiter interviewing Tangela saw that her passion for improvisation was something that got her excited and something she committed to.

Not only that, but the recruiter also saw some transferable skills that Tangela could take from her talents from Improv to the workspace, like her ability to think in place. It served as a perfect example of how much of herself she pours into something she cares about.

Stay away from copy and paste responses

When it comes to interviews, there is nothing worse than a potential employee reading from comments written on his screen. Michael Veva, talent acquisition manager at L’Oreal, said he can know “when a person reads something he has prepared, because you can see his eyes move.” Michael also went on to explain how much disconnection is created when the interviewees are not their authentic selves. After all, L’Oreal wants every employee to feel capable of expressing themselves freely.

The recruiter already knows what is written in your resume and cover letter. Use the interview as time to show them who you really are They took the opportunity to have a real human connection with the person you are talking to. This brings us to our next piece of advice for the interview process: Be personal.

Show your personality

When you allow yourself to be your true authentic self and let your personality shine, you put your mind in a position of clearer thinking. In other words, a good attitude can have a positive effect on your productivity!

But on the productivity side, no one wants to work with a robot. During your interview, the recruiter goes to look for characteristics that go beyond hard and soft abilities. They want to know that you are someone that current employees will enjoy working with.

Investigate the company

One of the biggest red flags that recruiters have seen in interviews and application processes is someone who does not research the company before applying. Some current students and recent graduates have a tendency to fill out mass applications at once without actually checking any company. What it shows the recruiter is that you are not enthusiastic about the job or the company and that you are just looking for a job.

In an L’Oreal interview, expect to be asked what about the company or industry that interests you. Recruiters will be able to identify if you are giving an intelligent and educated answer or if you are throwing something in place. Want to learn more about L’Oreal? Check out their WayUp profile page.

Do not be afraid to talk about difficulties

Life will never go 100% perfectly. Neither your job nor your job. L’Oreal is a company that is well aware of this so they want to know that you can handle difficult situations and that you are able to overcome them while making the right changes to avoid them in the future.

Keep an open mind

Although you may be applying for a particular position, try to keep an open mind about other opportunities that may be available. More often than not, the person interviewing you may also be looking to fill roles other than the one you may be applying for.

Talent can be expressed in many different ways. If by chance you are not suitable for the position for which you are applying, you may meet the criteria for another position and secure a job.

Demonstrated a willingness to learn

L’Oreal operates in the landscape constantly changing and changing in unexpected ways. And because of this trend employees need to be able to adapt and turn around in the same ways to be able to keep up with the industry and do their job properly. That means you have to demonstrate the ability to gather new skills, or what L’Oreal calls “learning agility,” one of their five dimensions of potential.

They want someone with learning agility because you have to be flexible in different departments or stay adaptive in a changing environment, this difficult skill will put a crown on your application.

The most important tip – submit an application

At the end of the day, L’Oreal is looking for people with unique value that they can add and grow within the company. What this value may wear will vary from person to person – the role of the recruiter is to be able to identify it, but it is your job to take a risk with yourself and go for the opportunity. What may deter you from applying does not equate to an opportunity to work for a company that can move the rest of your professional career to places you never imagined.


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