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In this article we will look at how to answer ‘How will your friends describe you?’.

The interviewer may ask this question because he wants to know how others perceive you. Sometimes seeing from the lenses of others provides a better perspective of a person. Most often, the interviewer asks this question to get a sense of what it is like to be around you and the character and qualities you will bring to the company. They want to see your work ethic and how you can fit into their cultural pattern. Perception of how you place them in a better place to make the right judgment about you.

When an interviewer asks this question it is not the time to mumble and stumble while formulating your answer. This will make a bad impression on the interviewer. It also puts you in a negative light because you seem unaware of yourself or others do not find you attractive enough to respond to your personality. So, when an interviewer asks this question,

  • There is a story to share. Tell them about the times when your traits shone and how your friends find solace in your presence.
  • It’s time to highlight your people’s skills and everything that makes you unique and wonderful.
  • When you tell them your story, obviously you will not find the time to say everything about yourself, so be smart and choose only the features that are relevant to the role.
  • It is best to give a brief description instead of boring the interviewer with all the unnecessary details.
  • Once you have decided what to say, you will be less worried about it. And this is a huge thing as it will be reflected in your performance.
  • The cooler and calmer you are, the better you will perform. The interviewer just wants to evaluate you from another’s point of view.

Things to avoid when answering this question

  • This question should not be answered hastily. Make a conscious decision to tell only specific traits, especially the one that fits the job.
  • While answering it is best not to tell one of your flaws. Even if it is done jokingly, it will make your selection process difficult.
  • Say it calmly and humbly so that you do not come out as a braggart.

How to answer?

First, research the company and know what they value. Do your features match theirs? You will have one or two positive traits hidden there. Bring it out and the next thing to do is tell a story about it. Like how your character helped your friends and how they told you about it.

Third, while narrating your good qualities, it may feel good to do it as someone who does not like to emphasize someone’s compliment on you but remember to keep it modest. Modesty never goes out of fashion and you must remember that humility is a great trait that every interviewer is looking for.

Fourth, make an effort to shorten and end the story in a good tone, especially align it with your professional roles.

Fifth, keep in mind that the interviewer does not ask this question in order to have an informal casual discussion about you and your friends, so be vigilant and do not get off track or try to be too friendly with your interviewer.

The last thing to remember is do not forget that you are in an interview room, no matter how friendly an interviewer may be, you need to tell your story in a professional manner.

Sample answers

Example 1

During the plague, a friend of mine told me that I had inspired them to lose weight. The daily motivation and encouragement made her confident to shed the pounds. She told me I was a force to be reckoned with during her most difficult time dealing with her weight issues. Both my colleagues and my last boss know this about me.

They say my optimistic mindset rubs against them whenever they are tired and unfocused. My friends also describe me as a party life and a great planner. The last time we decided to go on a trip, we really enjoyed exploring the place because I had already explored all the cool places and cheap but good home accommodation before the trip.

Example 2.

My friends know me as a calm and quiet person. They tell me that when I speak I speak wisely. Even some of my close friends know me as funny. Most of the time I go out as introverted, but sometimes when I need to be proactive, my friends say I’m always there and watching over them. My co-workers tell me I am diligent and they adore my work ethic. Whenever there is an office function or any other important event, my boss trusts me completely.

Once there was an annual event at the office and the catering was canceled at the last minute. It was a stressful moment but I kept my cool and contacted everyone I know who does catering from my personal network. I found one and here the function passed smoothly. Everyone loved the sandwiches served. The caterer also gave a good discount as she was one of my closest contacts.

Example 3

My friends know me as creative and they say I’m good on a budget. Once upon a time there was an event in my organization and a bunch of us were given the task of decorating the whole hall with a suitable theme. There was a shortage of ideas because we did everything in the book and it was the last event of the year so it had to be the most memorable.

I took matters into my own hands and invented some do-it-yourself designs. The material was hard to come by but I arranged it nonetheless. In the end we got a unique interior design. My friends know me as someone they can trust. The event was a success.

Fourth example

My friends say I am helpful and they see me as a hardworking and determined person. Whenever they want to hang out with me, I have to check my appointment, because usually I’m always plotting something. My friends say they need to get around my schedule. I like to make the most of my time and I do appreciate people and I have some of my close friends, other than that I mostly spend my time working on my craft or learning something new. My friends see me as an ambitious person, full of joy.

Example 5

My friends jokingly call me a robot or a machine man because I always work. They love my energy and they always get a tip or two about my fitness regimen. My friends love to hang out with me and they say I inspire them to live a healthier lifestyle. My healthy lifestyle plays a profound role and has a positive impact on my performance at work.

It not only helps me stay focused on every task I do, but also helps me stay motivated and positive throughout the completion of the project or any challenges I may face at work or elsewhere.

Example 6

My friends always call me the organizational freak. Every time they come to me they say my corporate style is impressive. This habit is also reflected in my work. My colleague says they can learn a thing or two about my organizational skills. I just like to put things in order. And I would always mark my files according to their requirements and I do that for all intents and purposes. It makes my task and my job more complete.

Example 7

My friends say that I am a natural person and a natural cultivator. It is said that I am always seen rescuing animals or caring for children in the streets. I won the title of Mother Theresa. Whenever we go out for lunch or out of town for walks, they know I will carry extra food to give to needy people or animals I expect to meet along the way. This trait of mine helped me succeed in my career in social work.

And I chose this company to turn to because your company holds the same vision which is to help one needy person at a time.

Example 8

My friend says I am an adjustable person and they see me as someone who can adapt to any situation. On our last trip to the office we drove to a very hostile place in terms of weather and locality, but for me it was not that hard to adjust. My colleagues were impressed with my adaptability. I developed this habit for many years of self-discipline, because I wanted to live a content life. This habit of mine helps to bring consistency to my life.


The way you tell how your friends see you will be a crucial factor in the functioning of your interview. The things you described to the interviewer give a summary of who you are as a person. Be sure to maintain a good positive image and tell your story with confidence. Your story will make or break your chances of getting a job.

And when you tell your story, tell it with great enthusiasm and confidence, after all, you tell yourself well from the perspectives of others, fun and interesting to share. Write it down and remember these important points to easily examine this question.


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