How to Do Less Right Now — Rachel B. Garrett

Last week I wrote about rest.

I wrote about it because 1) I am committed to writing every week and 2) it was the only honest truth about where I am/am currently.

and then…a surprise! This has gotten the most attention of any writing I’ve shared in many months.

My big takeaway: People are tired as hell.

And you’re not just tired. You are depleted, exhausted. Cut off from joy, creativity and possibilities.

I continue to see you, stand by your side and support your recharging.

Part of normalizing rest is providing transparency. In my experiment of doing less, I track down a higher revenue month than the ones where I “worked it” and pushed the rock up the hill.

I lead conversations with fresh prospects and are ready to deliver results.

I show up with presence and curiosity, guiding my lead groups in discussions around intense leadership challenges.

Three of my clients got job offers in the last week! Even though it doesn’t really have anything to do with my results, it doesn’t make me any less excited about this experiment!

One resource that can be helpful as you run your experiment is this podcast episode by Hidden Mind: Do less (Shared with the customer – thanks!!).

Bo, engineer and Notebook, Lady Klutz Suggest the idea of ​​creating a “stop doing list” in addition to your to-do list. He recommends having an equal amount of things you want to stop doing as you do on your to-do list.

I couldn’t get it though StillI clearly wrote about My break list:

  1. Create a new program or course.

  2. Take clients who are not suitable for me.

  3. Work 40+ hours.

  4. Work on the low-priority tasks before the high-priority deep work.

I’ve been walking around with this list in my head for a few weeks now, but getting it down on paper has kept me true to what I want for the summer. Especially, as an entrepreneur with Activator as my #2 Clypton strength (where’s my nerdy Clypton?). I like to create new things. Even when I have a feeling that they can’t be the right things for my business or me. Cutting it out and focusing on the great plans I already have has already been a deeply felt lesson.

If you want to strategize how you can recharge this summer, Sign up for a single session and we’ll help you with your Do Less plan.


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