How To Explain Why You Quit Your Job In An Interview

Millions of people left their jobs in 2021. But many of them did not think how they were going to explain this to their next potential employer.

If you’re part of what Great resignation And you are not sure how to explain why you resigned from your job in an interview, follow these tips.

Avoid negativity


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In an interview, when asked why you left your last job, do not say anything too negative. If you’re too negative, the recruiting manager will think, “Well, if you’re so negative about your last employer, then if you have any problems with us, you’re going to retire on us as well.” You do not want to brand yourself as deceased. But at the same time, you can not lie because you are Made Leave your job.

If you get a new job before you resign from your old one, that’s fine. Troubles come when you resign and have no job in line. So how do you explain your decision to resign without being negative or worrying about potential employers?

Use the “experience + learn = grow” model.

The solution is to learn how to answer this interview question using the “experience + learn = grow” model. I have been teaching this strategy to job seekers for years. This is a way for you to objectively explain the facts. What happened? What led to the desire to leave? Explain why you left and what you learned from the experience so that you will never put yourself in this situation again. Employers need to hear that you have learned something valuable from this experience. You need to give it a very positive and proactive turn.

You also need to finish in a high tone. Your explanation should be authentic. It is impossible to invent. Recruitment managers can see right through this. It also can not be too negative. You need to use this objective storytelling process, “experience + learn = grow”, to effectively explain your situation to employers.

Knowing how to explain why you resigned from an interview will be very important as you progress in your job search. If you do not explain yourself effectively, employers will not trust you. They will make sure you resign if you do not like what is happening in their company.

It is very expensive to hire people just to leave. So, companies are going to be really smart about who they hire for the future because they do not want to deal with the fact that you are resigning again. So be careful. Learn the right thing to say, and you will be one step closer to getting a new job.

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