How to List GPA on LinkedIn?

Instagram and Snapshot are occasional social platforms. In a similar vein, LinkedIn enables social networking and personal branding.

LINKEDIN is an American company founded in 2002 in Mountain View, California, USA.

This application allows you to confirm the:

  • Educational background
  • Achievements / Achievements
  • Employment experiences
  • Recommendations (from employers and colleagues)

LinkedIn markets you to countless audiences according to matching interests. Reaching out to people by submitting a physical resume is not the only way to be in the eyes of employers nowadays.

90% of recruitment teams hunt down potential candidates through LinkedIn.

It is not enough to enter information in the data spaces (LinkedIn has sections for each category, such as education, past experiences, achievements, etc.). You need to be up to date and update information to improve your chances of employment and exposure!

The benefits of LinkedIn

Personal branding Take advantage of the network you already own! If your past employers or colleagues (in your area of ​​expertise) join LinkedIn and have updated / solid profiles – their testimonials / recommendations for you can further validate your talent in the target area. These compliments add confidence and authenticity to your public appearance.
Information restriction The resume has no restrictions when it comes to giving your credentials. The opposite is the case in the LinkedIn app. It has limited space to enter your information so that everything you include will be of interest.
Accelerates knowledge If you stay active on LinkedIn in your routine and you have a relevant circle on the LinkedIn network, the opportunities to gain knowledge are endless. People share their blogs / articles, stories that ad companies share their information / updates with. You yourself will also be encouraged to share information and build your network.
Network management There is no substitute for LinkedIn (at least for now) when it comes to keeping in touch with your professional relatives. You can interact with them in their / your / someone else’s posts / articles / perspectives published in this way in the app.
Job opening information Countless organizations are choosing LinkedIn to share information about job vacancies (both office jobs and remote jobs) in order to attract the pool of interested candidates. You can track your favorite target companies for such information.
LinkedIn is popular LinkedIn has 740 million Users, of them 55 million They are listed companies.
Whether you are considered for a scholarship or a job position, voters prefer to visit your LinkedIn profiles to judge your dedication to the field. So why miss this opportunity, right?
The benefits of a LinkedIn profile

Education section on LinkedIn profile

Whenever and whoever is looking for you in the app, he can see your education in mind. Profiles that are 100% complete, yield better search results and reach more people.

Therefore, fulfilling this section is essential and this is how it is done:

  • Go to your LinkedIn profile and then to the education section
  • Click on the pencil icon and select your school from the drop-down list
  • Add the priesthood of this school (start and departure dates / years)
  • Add the trends you learned
  • Add Score (GPA) – Below: How to Add Your GPA Guide
  • You can add the activities in the Activities and Companies field
  • You can also cover your experiences in the description
  • Click Save

Is it worth putting a GPA on LinkedIn?

GPA Abbreviations for Grade Point Average. It usually ranges from 1.0 to 4.0 and is an indication of good (or bad) results you have achieved during your academic period.

While this is not (at all) the only factor that determines your victory in the world of employment – but it is certainly given excellent weight. It has two main types:

  • Main grade point average: Your trend scores (For example human resources, marketing, finance)
  • Overall grade point average: A cumulative score of all the courses taught at the school

Main GPA or General GPA

What’s higher, note this. Main GPA is useful for field jobs.

Should we consider posting a GPA on LinkedIn? Well, it depends!

Should I put your GPA on LinkedIn?

Should we mention GPA on LinkedIn? Does it matter? If so, how to add your GPA?

There are no rules, but there are definitely recommendations on the subject! You should consider doing so, if:

  • This is a prerequisite of the recruiting company.
  • You are a fresh graduate (usually up to 3 years after graduation)
  • Noble Sheep (3.5 and up | While others recommend adding a score if it is 3.7 or higher)
  • This is your first involvement in the job

How to register GPA on LinkedIn?

How to add your GPA? You can add it in:

  • Education section in your profile
  • Achievements section (if you are a recent graduate)

Typically, GPA is indicated in the education section under the name of the institute in addition to the dates, trend and description.

Some recruiting managers give significant weight to your score for internships and jobs – thus mentioning that it may yield good results from such employers.

Cum laude, cum laude, cum laude

These three are the Latin distinction / level of distinction. This system, commonly used in countries and several other countries in Southeast Asia, divides students into 3 levels of honor according to the grades obtained in college.

  • 3,500 – 3,699 GPA = cum
  • 3.700 – 3.899 GPA = defends with honors
  • 3,900 – 4,000 GPA = cumulative summary

When to remove / miss your GPA?

How to add your GPA is actually a secondary question! Adding your GPA is out of the question when:

If the score is lower than 3.0

You have been working for more than five years

If it’s been too long since you graduated

You have a lot of professional experiences

Should I include a high school GPA on LinkedIn?

High school details can be completely missed (including high school grade point average). However, you may want to mention it (and it’s okay to do so), if you went to a top-notch school and achieved great results.

More tips for a solid LinkedIn profile

A good LinkedIn profile is:


Your profile does not have to serve all LinkedIn audiences. Targeted audience information is your ultimate goal. For example, if you want to get a financial job, your posts, involvement in the posts, your network circle should be very relevant to the funding!


Users can deceive only some visitors and not all visitors through false information. Therefore, it is wise to put authentic and genuine information about yourself, employment experiences and achievements.

Proven well

Do not embarrass your profile with grammatical errors. Take time to proofread the carefully edited content.


You should update the information (you need it on your LinkedIn profile) so that it looks active and up to date to visitors.


Keywords, tone of writing must be able to communicate with the right / relevant people and reach them.


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