How to play the waiting game… — Rachel B. Garrett

If you’ve been talking to me for more than 15 minutes recently, you know that this school year we applied for middle school and high school for my daughters in New York. And yes, for those of you who follow outside of the anomaly that is New York, in this city, you are turning to a public school.

Beyond bureaucracy and delays and more delays, the process involved an inconvenient amount of WAITING.

When I wrote this it was June 6th and I More I did not know where my 14-year-old child would go to high school next year. We started navigating this process in May 2021.

It’s time under one long.

Luckily, now the wait was over (and there was good news) but I had to get creative in dealing with the inconvenience. It made me feel close to my clients who are living the convoluted wait that lies in looking for work.

For those of us who are leaning in that direction Doing and more doing Until we get the desired result – this can be a difficult time.

So, I’m not going to say – use it as a time to study. I would have slapped myself if I had said that to myself at that painful time.

Instead, when I’m on hold and I know I’m going to continue to “do” (Because that’s who I am) … I’m going to focus on this “doing” in therapy to me.

I have compassion for myself because I do not work at my normal pace.

I give myself extra time for walks in the park.

I swear more.

I connect with the people who motivate me.

I say no, a lot.

I hear more music than podcasts. I need vibrations, not content.

What are the ways you can take action to take care of yourself while waiting?

It’s different for everyone and I like to plan with my clients how they will maintain their energy and mood while having so much out of their control.

Respond with your waiting plan so I know you are taking care of yourself during the damn limbo (and maybe give me some ideas for my next waiting round).


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