How To Respond To A Recruiter About A Job

In your job search, you have most likely contacted recruiters or asked them to contact you about a job opportunity. So what do you do when a recruiter sends you messages and you are interested in the job?

How job seekers should respond to recruiters


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As a job seeker, if you receive a message from a recruiter about a job, When You respond more importantly than how You respond. Respond quickly – as fast as you can. Do not wait and think about it. Do not try to find the right words. Send an email or send a message to the recruiter as soon as possible and say, “I would definitely love to talk to you about it. Here’s my phone number. Send me a message. Call me anytime.”

Why is it important to respond to the recruiter quickly? Well, this message you received from a recruiter – 20-30 other people received the same message. Only the first five or six candidates who respond and say, “I’m totally willing to talk to you. Give the hour there,” get a call from the recruiter. They are the ones who get to the phone screen.

Remember, recruits are tested on how quickly they can find candidates who are suitable for the job. The longer you wait to respond, the less likely you are to ever hear back from them.

A lot of job seekers get confused when they respond to the recruiter and do not hear back. That’s why. If you are not one of the first five or six job applicants who responded to a recruiter’s post, you lost the job opportunity.

Therefore, make sure that you respond quickly to the recruiter if you are interested in the position for which he is recruiting. Give them your phone number. Tell them they can send text messages and / or call you. Be prepared that you should jump on this post or you are going to miss your window of opportunity.

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