Saying no is hard. It’s not only that some people can not accept no as an answer, but sometimes, especially at work, it feels like saying no is not an option. For these specific events, it is important to know how to say no without saying no.

Essentially, when you say no without saying no, you say yes with “but” it is yes, with other conditions that exist to allow the sincere. If you find yourself in a situation where you can not say no, but should, here are 12 ways to say no without saying no.

  1. yes I’d be glad to. But if I’m going to do it, I want to make sure I do it well and give it the attention it needs. – Can we repeat it when I can devote more time to it? (Great way to say no if you are a perfectionist)
  2. Yes, I’m happy to help, even though it’s not my area of ​​expertise. So and so he is very experienced with it so maybe try them first and I will help wherever I can.
  3. Yes of course, if you can adjust it to my schedule (colleague)
  4. Yes, I would love to, however, recently asked me to focus on Project X, so please can you advise which one has priority now Or help me prioritize the rest of my workload so I can ensure everything is done on time (you boss)
  5. Yes if it can wait until date x when I have time to devote to it
  6. Yes if you can get the necessary credentials or sign because it is not something that is usually allowed or approved (do not hate when people use it on you! But sometimes it is necessary)
  7. Yes if you can support me in completing project x in return
  8. Yes if it will take x amount of time or less
  9. Yes as long as it does not require x (X can be specific knowledge, resources, approval, etc.)
  10. Yes as long as you checked in with this and that
  11. Yes, if we can work on it together
  12. Yes…. Would be my answer, if I had a way to adjust it

Now that you know a few different methods of saying no without saying no, I hope you will not be crowded anymore or overwhelmed at work by saying yes too often.

But if your inability to say is not starting to have a serious negative impact then maybe it’s time to find out How to overcome your fear of disappointing others once and for all.

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