How to Survive Your Office Christmas Party

More than a third of British workers fear a Christmas party at their job because they are afraid of looking ridiculous on the dance floor.

Does the phrase ‘Christmas party’ fill you with apprehension? Do not be afraid! We’ve put together four tips to help you navigate this annual event in style.

Dress properly

Maybe you’re going to a Christmas party but it’s still a work event and your choice of outfit should reflect that. Avoid anything that is too short, too low cut, or too revealing in any other way! However, it’s okay to add a little sparkle and a bit of festive color.

Want to show off your glamorous side? Try wearing luxurious fabrics like velvet or satin. You can also add some sophisticated accessories. Higher heels, shiny and impractical old earrings are all acceptable.

Do not get too addicted

The table may be laden with more ground pies, but that does not mean you have to stack them on your plate. Enjoy a couple anyway, but gluttony is not going to impress your managers.

An effective way to control your appetite is to eat something before you go out. Eating foods rich in protein and carbohydrates will also prevent you from being absent too quickly. However, coating your stomach before you drink alcohol will not stop you from getting drunk. According to the NHS, It will simply delay the process.

If you can not resist the hot mulled wine offered at your party, consuming a glass of water between each drink can help you stay hydrated and prevent you from indulging too much.


Instead of just chatting with people you know well, think of your work making Christmas a perfect opportunity to meet colleagues from different departments. You may even have a chance to talk to the CEO, but even if you do not, try to thank them before you leave.

Maybe you’re at a job party, but this is not the time to focus on office politics. Keep the mood light by planning a number of call opening. You can comment on the place, ask what your colleagues are doing for Christmas or talk about their interests outside of work. Just avoid any hints and save your corny jokes for the Christmas dinner table.

When you prepare small talk, Listen carefully, smile and make eye contact. If you notice someone you really want to connect with, go on politely and say how much you enjoy talking to your colleague.

Stay away from social media

As tempting as it is to post a video of your colleagues giving a drunken karaoke performance, hold back! Maybe they will not be amused to see it on their timeline once they have sobered up. Constant tweeting and sharing photos while you are at a party can also annoy your colleagues and be badly reflected on the company.

Of course, you can not control what other people post on social media. The best way to avoid getting into an awkward Instagram post? Make sure you behave properly throughout the night.

Follow our top tips and a Christmas party at your job should go smoothly. You never know, maybe even enjoy it!

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